Opera Unite, Finally!

Today Opera Software ASA, finally released the final version of Opera 10.10, it comes with all the features of Opera 10.00/10.01 plus additional features, the best one being Opera Unite, if you're a opera fan you'd know what it is.

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Opera 10.10 features:

Opera Unite


Use applications to share content with others in a quick and easy way.

Opera Turbo


Boost your speed with our powerful servers to compress Web pages, so you get them faster.

Visual tabs


Drag the handle underneath the tabs to reveal thumbnails of your open Web pages.

Customizable Speed Dial


Get easy access to your favorite sites every time you open a new tab. Choose the layout and the background you prefer.

Opera Link


Synchronize your Speed Dial, bookmarks, notes and other useful data.

And, so much more:

Content blocking

Make Web pages load more quickly—block images, pop-ups, and plug-ins, as you wish.

Mouse gestures

Perform movements with your mouse to navigate the Web with Opera's mouse gestures.

E-mail and feed integration

Use the built-in mail client and online feed reader as your default clients.

Reopen closed tabs

If you accidentally close a tab, you can retrieve it from the Closed Tabs button.

Password manager

Store usernames and passwords, so they will be at your fingertips.


Save your open tabs, or start with the pages you had open when Opera was last closed.

Inline spell checker

Spell-check quickly as you type, with support for 48 languages.

Opera Dragonfly

Debug in a cross-device, cross-platform environment with the Opera Dragonfly tools.

Opera Mail

Access, organize and search all of your e-mail with the fastest mail client available.

Quick Find

Search the full text from any Web site you visit, right from your address bar.

Personalize Opera

Choose from hundreds of skins, add or remove buttons, toolbars, or change the entire layout.

Feed Preview

Preview a feed in a clean, multiple-column layout before subscribing to it.

Source: http://www.opera.com/browser/

For more details, goto: http://www.opera.com/browser/features/


What is Opera Unite?

First of all let me tell you, it is not a just born technology, Opera's working on it since Q2 2009, it was first released on June 16 2009 on the beta version of Opera 10.00, since then it has been continuously being tested & developed on future "Unite" versions of the browser. Today its stable version has been released with Opera 10.10. Now now, back to the answer, Opera Unite is an outstanding technology that allows you to share data such as files, photos music etc with other users, directly from your computer . You can also communicate directly with others by hosting chat sessions or posting notes. The technology behind Opera Unite uses a compact server inside the Opera desktop browser to share data and applications. With Opera Unite, there is no need to waste time uploading content you want to share. You share the content directly from your computer rather than loading it and sharing it through a third-party server.

Their are currently only a few Unite Applications pre-installed in it, you can get more from their website, you can also make your own Unite Application & upload it on their website. You will be credited.

Download it: http://www.opera.com/browser/download/

The Official Opera Unite Website: http://unite.opera.com/

Opera is going Fantastic, if they continue their efforts like this, I'm sure they'll gain a great reputation of themselves & their respective softwares.

If you have any further questions about Opera 10.10 or about Opera Unite, search on their websites or ask me.

Well it a complete suite than ?

^ What? If you mean what i think you mean then...... No.

BTW To Use Opera Unite feature, you need an Opera Account, it is an easy two step process. (dont worry, if you dont want to use Opera unite, then you dont have to create a Opera Account).

The account creation is quick & simple, after installing Opera 10.10, Click on the small Opera Unite icon on the lower left corner of the screen & select Enable Opera unite.


After that do a quick, two clicks step.



After that, your registration will be complete & your Personal Opera Unite page will open, along with the Opera Unite side-panel.


I have been using since version 6 but left it for Iron

^ Iron... haha... hahaha.... hahahaHaHa!

Why is it too funny a browser ?

Has anyone tried it yet?

^ If you're talking about Opera Unite, i'm using it, it rocks! everything is simple & smooth, last night i was streaming music from my friend's PC to my PC. Sharing stuff is great aswell.

Lately Opera is doing much Major updates compared to IE, FF or Chrome.


These are the pre-installed Unite Applications, You can get more from http://unite.opera.com/

While it is a great technology, i wonder, what if we (the people) start using it as an alternative to bittorrents? I mean we can use it for the same purpose...

I doubt Opera will be able to handle the bandwidth used in BitTorrent. I like Unite, easier to sync data across PCs. If only more of my friends were using Opera, I'd be able to use messenger and stuff.

Opera has always delivered so I was wrong for leaving it so you don't need to use anything else wonderful.

Hey I downloaded it just when the screenshots were. I liked the UI. I didn't explore it as well

but just with first eye I didn't like the term Speed Dial for speed accessing websites. :/

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Hey I downloaded it just when the screenshots were. I liked the UI. I didn’t explore it as well

but just with first eye I didn’t like the term Speed Dial for speed accessing websites. :confused:


On the speeddial screen, click on edit speeddial then hide speeddial, simple.

^not actually willing hide it.

I meant about the term or the word "Speed Dial" that doesn't represent Speed Access of Websites.

as you know the term "Speed Dial" is normally used for quick dialing of a number from mobile device, that's why I noted it.

^Opera was the first one to come up with the concept, so 'Speed Dial' was the original term, it was actually meant to mock the same concept you are talking about.

Check out what Opera 10.20 is coming out with. It seems similar to the concept of Chrome's Applications and Mozilla Prizm, but better coz it'll be neater in a widget's form.

Opera 10.2 Alpha[my.opera.com]

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It's Opera Widgets' time to take the stage with Opera 10.2 alpha. Opera Widgets was first introduced as part of the Opera browser back in 2006. Now they are all grown up and ready for a life outside their comfort zone: the Opera Web browser!

As a bonus, this release features updated versions of our favorite widgets exclusive for Opera 10.2 alpha. Check out the new Twitter and GTranslate widgets. For more cool Opera Widgets head on over to widgets.opera.com!

Remember: this is just a first glimpse of our new approach to running Widgets outside the browser. In the end, you will experience Opera Widgets running as stand-alone applications on your desktop - even if Opera isn't running.

To find out more check out labs.opera.com or head on over to the Desktop Team and download it now!


but I have the opera 10.10 version so downloading 10.20 means separate installation!

And with opendns it's superfast

Yup you'll need to copy Opera folders from these 2 directories, or simply rename the old ones to Opera 10.2 Alpha or whatever the new folder is supposed to be named. This data is available in 'opera:about' or Help>About, both leading to the same page.

C:\Users\[user Account Name]\AppData\Roaming\Opera\

C:\Users\[user Account Name]\AppData\Local\Opera\