Opera mobile browser. The fastest browser on earth

Hi friends.

Now you can surf complete websites in your mobile.

1st goto www.Getjar.Com




opera mini 4.1

(java enable phones)

for symbian mobiles.

goto www.Opera.Com

dawnload opera 6.20

for mobile.

Now you can enjoy websites in your handset.

Reply me your problems at

this number.


Refrain from posting your mobile number and making useless posts. Consider this your last warning.

You made a new post along the same pattern 10 minutes after my warning. Have an enjoyable vacation for 3 days! :)

3 days only? I was hoping more. He's polluting the forum like hell.

First infraction = 3 days.

this is opera mini a java based scaled down browser client,opera mobile is a full featured mobile browser for smart phones

Oh yes and u can view website just like viewing on PC but there must be limitation as cell phone is not PC and no speedy processer and no big screen.