Opera mini blocked by telecom operators

I just tried using opera mini from zong and warid..but it is not working..maybe they have blocked it because facebook and youtube could be opened on it

I thought my Zong internet wasn't working. PTA sucks.

same problem I am facing too shame on PTA

F**K! I was wondereing why operamini wasn't working, PTA has gone mad, we need to shove a bamboo up their @$$, seriously. :/

Working fine on Warid :P

^ Not working for me

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F**K! I was wondereing why operamini wasn’t working, PTA has gone mad, we need to shove a bamboo up their @$$, seriously. :confused:

Yea, man blocking opera mini means that mobile users can no more use internet at all !!!

Banning facebook was alright, I don give a damn about that shitbook, but they have blocked the whole internet for me

They've only blocked operamini, other mobile browsers are working fine. Posting this through UCWEB. :D

UCWeb is crap, I am using Bolt

Not Working on Mobilink also..............

Yes. Opera Mini 4.2 is blocked n not working on ZONG network but Opera Mini 1.27 unofficial version is working fine on my mobile using ZONG 2GB package. I am sending this post from Opera Mini 1.27 version. If u want to use Opera Mini then use 1.27 version which uses different IP than 4.2 version.

that i thought warid gprs is dead :P

Opera mini 3.2 is also working but it does not have full website view..

Operamini 5 is blocked aswell.... Gonna have to stick with UCWEB for a while. (and its NOT crap.... not for me it isn't)

same problem here.Opera mini is blocked

yes i am also unable to run opera mini from warid and mobilinkg whts going on ...................................?????????????

if some one gets it right just inform all others not the opera mini 1.2

ucweb is working

Seems like most of you are using Java phones :/

Opera Mobile 10 is working fine as normal as on the computer. Means only banned sites wont open.

Opera Mini 5 actually uses Opera Turbo feature by default to work with the data compression feature and as far as I know there is no option to turn it off in Opera Mini. I guess if you do have any option to turn it off then try after turning it off. It should work.

But I do have the option to enable or disable it in Opera Mobile 10.. If I turn on Opera Turbo in Opera Mobile 10, it as well doesn't work any more but works fine with the Turbo turned off.

Opera Turbo interacts with the Opera Turbo Server(actually a preset proxy configuration) and the operators perhaps blocked this interaction. Because that was the reason you guys were able to visit the websites banned in Pakistan. It's actually a proxy bypass which was just blocked by the operators.

By the way it's also blocked on computers when you turn on the turbo on Opera browser. but they have perhaps tackle it in depth with clauses and just blocked it with the known banned sites only. But in result the Turbo Feature on Opera with Wateen's WiMax gives a connection warning....

Edit: If you are using Symbian phones then try Opera Mobile 10 instead of Opera Mini 5..

^ yeh, That could be the reason because opera connects via Opera Software servers in US and Europe, which acts like a proxy server and this way any one can access the blocked pages.