Opera 9.5 Achieves 4.7 Million Downloads

While everyone's going crazy about Firefox 3, Opera Software's keeping low but that's not to say that they don't have reason to celebrate. In the five days following its launch of Opera 9.5, the browser achieved 4.7 million downloads. Well, it's not as much as Firefox, but I'd like to give them some credit.

Opera has also reported that the number of people using its browser has more than doubled since Opera 9.0 debuted in 2006. Each month more than 20 million people use Opera to access the Web from their computers and more than 12 million use Opera Mini each month on their mobile phones.

Prior to the launch of Opera 9.5, Opera also recorded record usage of its beta versions of this browser. Usage of the Opera browser has seen rapid increase since 2005, a result of constant innovation and updates to the browser, and a focus on online security at a time when browsers have been considered especially vulnerable.

"In addition to our primary focus on speed, security and standards compliance, we built Opera 9.5 with the typical user in mind. This means that we understand that people today cannot afford to be disconnected and that the Link between the computer and mobile phone is key to meeting future demands for the Web," says Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. "Opera 9.5 has set a new standard for Opera Software. With almost five million downloads in five days, we are proud that our product will now be part of the daily lives of so many individuals."

two words: Opera Rocks!

way better .... opera's given the netizens so many goodies.... opera mini, the best mobile browser!

i'm loving it :P

4.7 million vs firefox's 15 million

yes opera is good too! but not so much flexible!

you know since the release and huge success of ff3, every single person who was not a fan of firefox browser have problems with it, its almost like he is trying to convince himself that fire fox isn't the best browser and whatever he is using is.

Opera is the best. thanks for posting. people gotta try opera atleast once just to observe real fast browsing experience. :D

what i love about Opera is that no matter HOW ..not matter how much slow of a connection you're using, it'll keep serving by downloading ur pages (even if it can get it hands on FEW bytes of bandwidth) something which other browsers cant.

I.E and FF would simply show a page not found as soon as the speed of my line drops or there's a delay ...

opera is my second choice after firefox