Only 3 devices on wifit

I have this problem. when a fourth device connects to my wifi dsl router the wireless connectivity stops working for one of the already connected device. The wifi signal is displayed while searching wifi router but it doesn't connect. inshort. the wirless connectivity gets messup when a fourth device connects.i couldn't even login to router on wireless. and then no more device connects. the message on phone states" avoided poor internet connection" i have changed three DSL routers but all have the same problem. it must be a ptcl line problem.

anyone else faced this?


You may try the following:

- Check to see if your devices are set up for Static IPs or not ... if yes, there should be no IP conflicts (must have different IPs ... you may even try setting up static IPs later to check any DHCP issues)

- Start with an Open Network in Wireless G Mode and work your way up to WPA2 and N Mode with a 'free' Wifi Channel (if your devices are compatible ... also EU devices support channels 1~13 while US ones usually support 1~11)

- Try to disable 'advanced' wifi features such as Framebursting, Afterburner, WMM, APSD, as some wifi chipsets are not compatible with these

- Try to put your router in a well ventilated area and away from sources of interference like monitors, tube lights, microwave ovens, cordless phones, etc ...

- Try to see if problems have been reported for either one of your devices ... update firmware of your devices if available

Hope this helps!



Under DHCP options, make sure adequate number of client IPs (leases) are available.