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Well Aslam-u-Alikum Brothers/Sisters !

The blow topic has been discussion the the folling link as well.. just posting here just because you could learn a lesson from my recent experience on a fraud shopping website ( ).

Follow the link above to see what other say about this.

Well Dr. Saab i can really understand what you said in your 1st post. I've kind a similar experience with this fraudulent website and shayyan tahir its admin. My online buying experience started from in 2009. i researched about the website and contacted them, asked about the procedure & when i was sure about their validity i sent them the money and i really liked their customer services. Whenever i placed orders the admin contacted me through e-mail and phone call to confirm the order and gave me money transfer details and everything worked fine and i always received the products in time. Recently i was looking for Android tablet and came across their website & facebook account. I noticed their quick responses in facebook and reviews on their website and the prices were also quite reasonable. As i already had a very good online buying experience with so i was completely unaware that they gonna give a very tough time. Well i simply registered to the website placed the order on (2nd June 2011) for 32 GB Asus Eeepad Transformer which cost me R.s 59,999. i received the confirmation e-mail and a call from customer services. They told me that they will order it from ebay and it would take about a week and in about 12/15 days they will send it to me & asked me to deposit the 10% advance as it was my first order from this website. As told earlier i had a very good experience with online orders in the past i simply transfered the amount of Rs. 10,000 in the following account

Bank Name: Standard Charted Bank

A/C Title: Shayyan Tahir

A/C No. 01150230901

and they confirmed it in next two days through e-mail and after a week on 10th June i received a call from their office that my product has been received by their Karachi franchise from their international office and I'll receive it on Saturday but unfortunately i did not. On June 12th i gave them another call to ask for the product delivery & they started making excuses this and that. They started ignoring my phone calls and put my e-mail on filter so whenever i send them an e-mail it simply bounce back & never get through. This made me really worried about my money which i already payed but i still waited. on 14th June i received another call from the admin asking me to deposit the remaining amount of R.s 50,000 in the following bank account

Bank Alfalah

Account Number: 001401003148

Account Holder: Shayyan Tahir.

so that they could send the product and they guaranteed that i will get it the same day because the product is already sent and is in a courier office where i live and i was really surprised why were they doing this to me as i already had payed them 10,000 in advance.

I was completely unaware because they never made me realize from their discussion that they are actually trapping me. So i simply sent the remaining amount of R.s 50,000. People who place orders Online know how impatient they are when they pay the money and they want their products as soon as possible so i was impatient to receive my product as well so i waited the next day but did not. For the next 7 days I've been calling them.. their courier services and they kept telling me that the product is on its way. i was confused and disappointed with my decision to order the products from and paying them advance. Now on 22nd i called my local courier office and they said they have received my product and on my way to the given address. I was not present there so i called up my brother to receive the product and he received it. When i came back it saw that the box was packed inside courier's packing and inside that the box of the product was opened from left side. and the rapping tape on the bottom was completely removed and when i saw the tablet i was shocked to completely torn apart to see it was a 16 GB tablet and it was used. Now if you buy any product come from, or . It comes in a new box and the box is sealed stating don't accept the product if unsealed. Secondly the operation system installed on this android should have been 3.0 instead of 3.1 which was updated by the previous user or the themselves and they have been using this product from about 2/3 months. I was shocked and in completely disappointed as they trapped me and did a fraud with me. i called them up and and told the guy about all this and he started excusing i told them i will not tolerate such a fraudulent deal in any case and he said its impossible and started making excuses and said they will resolve so this gave me little home. Now when i made them another call the same day... they started ignoring my phone calls.. they put it on hold or it appeared to be busy. and for the next 1/2 hours i kept making calls as i was extremely extremely worried about my money. So i contacted my brother and before contacting Police we thought we should give them one more call and their luck they picked it up and this guy named shayyan picked up the phone and making excuses and said that my chosen tablet was not in stock so they sent the 16 Gb version and the rest of the money is still with us and they will return it or you can buy something else & when we asked why they sent the 2nd hand instead of newer version and see what he said.. he said sir " App ka kya khiyal hai hum baghair check kar kaey product recieve kartaey hein " what a stupid reason that s*nO*B8*** gave me. i asked him to send me the money or send me 32 GB mini SD card instead and he said he will & its been 3 days i've received no call from them and my email has been put on a filter and they are not receiving any phone call from my number anymore but I'm not going to let this guy go that easily. I've already talked to local police office and we are in a process to block their website as well as they are doing a fraudulent business and deceiving innocent people. Please all the people who read this post please please think 100 times before buying through online websites not just but from whereever you buy your first option should be local market its the best option you have and everything is available. Do NOT EVER buy anything from these PAKISTANI ONLINE STORES & please spread this message Plzzz.

Thank you