Online Shopping from a Pakistani/Local Online Store

Dear All,

As most of us spend much of our time online, so I would like to know whether would we Pakistani, Trust Online Shopping from a Pakistani/Local Online Store ?

Please give your feedback in above Poll.

First Question is about whether have you bought online in Past?
Second Question is about, whether would you prefer to buy online in Future Ever ?

Please give your response in context of Pakistani Online Shopping Stores and E-Commerece Sites only.

ok thats nice sharing ... online shopinh is great and easy

Without any doubt is the best online store due to their professional customer service, return policy and quality products in makeup, dresses, beauty and electronics category. I am its regular customer and recently bought 2 massager and very satisfied. You guys must go for it :slight_smile:

I have used for my purchasing, because they deals in electronics engineering products and more, and they have customer service and quality products, so i will prefer only this website without any doubt.

Today Got my Order of Lamart 12 Piece Spice Jar ( they took 3 days after order confirmation and good and secure Packing
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Tried several Pakistani online sites for electronics and other items like,,, etc. Order values ranged from Rs 500 up to Rs 55,000 (iPads) but usually through Cash On Delivery except for where I usually paid through bank transfer. If you know the quality (e.g. branded item which you have seen in a store), then online shopping risk with COD is lower than if you are buying an unseen item. Online sellers often sell cheaper copies of goods which you can’t inspect before paying and which are impossible to return.

First of all, I would like to tell you that Pakistan is becoming the 5th largest internet consumer. Also, our E-commerce industry is about to grow beyond $1bn by 2020. Ali Baba has already entered the market, Amazon has indirectly too. However, local stores are continued to gather share in the market.

Your first question: Yes!! I have shop multiple time from online stores most of the time (for gadgets & sometimes fashion), (for fashion) are go to resources for me to shop online.

Second question:IObviously, Why not even i want to my “sabzi” online. You know there are startups for that too.

It’s just about how smart you are with online browsing. I always check the reviews before making any purchase, and compare products from different vendors.

For ladies sleepwear and loungewear. Fast reliable and superb quality.

Online Shopping is just like a nightmare. When you order anything from online shopping website, you can’t expect what quality of product will be dilivered. I ordered too many products from daraz, ishopping, goto etc. I found much better than others.

I like to buy from for my satisfaction as a local store. Since they never compromise over quality in natural products, beauty products, and general retail items. They have Women, Baby and Men care products and other quality items, so I will incline toward just this site most assuredly.