Online payment methods - please help!

Hi all,

I am opening an ecommerce store (Karachi based) and want to have an online payment gateway. I have lived abroad a while and thus am unfamiliar with the payment gateways available in Pakistan. I foolishly planned on using stripe - when time came for installing it I was like oh no it's not available in Pakistan!

Which gateways take payments in rupees? Also we are a brand new store so don't have any sales as of yet and no NTN number. I looked at some locally developed gateways eg Ubl and HBL and seems they need those two. What to do?

I have done done some research and am thinking

1. easypay (though their website gives no information or contact information)

2. Skrill

3. 2checkout

what do you guys think and know of these?

please help!


Some info from other websites:

EasyPay (From Easypaisa Telenor), is your best option as it provides many payment choices for buyers including deposits from any EasyPaisa shop, bank transfer, MasterCard/Visa etc.

You can use 2co to accept credit cards as local banks charge too much for their api for the time being and you would need hire a programmer to integrate it.

2checkout is very good. Been using them for years.

I have worst experience with Skrill (moneybookers). I applied for merchant account there, they asked me to submit some documents to get merchant status with them, which i never submitted, never got any notification about my merchant status approval but within few months they robbed $350 from my account. When i complained about it, they told me, my status is "merchant" and as a merchant I did not follow some of the guidelines written in ToS. When I asked about details, they simply posted a one line reply from ToS which says they have full authority to change a members status whenever they think its right time to do and charge any fine against any ToS violation.

What was the violation? I did not login to my account round about one and half year. "Merchant" has to login to his account every month, if you don't, they will deduct amount from your balance every month without sending you any notification about it. They send you email alert if you enter wrong password though

SO be very careful. Read tricky long ToS again and again and never keep balance in your account. Whenever it exceeds $100 amount, immediately transfer it to your local bank account.

easypaisa and mobicash , mobiecash recently has soft launch with Cheezmall an it is great and easy paisa is good as well so go for these since you want amount in local and in pkr even people i believe can order from abroad since these gateways have credit card / debit card payment option as well.

as far you are new in this business i will suggest you should get your NTN for sure it will be helpful you never know FBR can come anytime :)