Online Marketing in Pakistan

Why online marketing in Pakistan is still on the back seat? I'm amazed to see the statistics that over 10 million Pakistanis use internet on daily basis and still we are missing out on this? What do you think about it? Have you ever used internet for online shopping? When and where? lets discuss it guys..

I would like to share my excellent experience-(btw I'm using internet to market my consultancy firm The missing P at face book) I wanted to rent a house for a month for my brother's wedding-asked every tom dick and harry but could not get the desired place ..a friend of mine suggested me to go and check online the status of real estate... , pakistan largest online bazaar helped me out, very well organized categories and systematic information along with reference and contact number. my matter resolved just in 1 day..

We must try out online marketing ! I would appreciate your input =)

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dude the site which obviously you are promoting, i am not judging you, if you are genuinely trying to do online business then you really need to work on the site. it just simply sucks, for example your thumbnail pic of mr ali akbar is full blown pic of 615 kbytes 1068×1144 pixels big........

the choice of user name is strange. Shouldn't it be something related to the site you are advertising?

That's just stupid story to advertise your site.

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uhhhh....thatss realy rude of you guys....promoting this sitee was a favor somebody asked...everybodyy promotes sitess...BIG DEAL...dont like the postt? dont like the site? then KEEP QUIETT and go to other threadss...!!!!!!

@kamrann..thankss for the suggestion!!

^ You said 'I would appreciate your input'. If you get negative input, then learn to deal with it. Otherwise if you're going to throw a hissy fit every time someone tears down your advertising tactics or your website, then kindly move along and don't come back.

nobody appreciatess thiss kind of input..a person has just startedd hiss doubt he has to work a lot on his site...if you could have just suggested a few good things for the site then that would have been much better instead of saying FAIL and similarr thingsss!!

^ Thats life. If you're going to cry about negative comments then find some other line of work.

hi everybody,

been a whole day and the site alhamdulillah is doing really good

amazing results coming from everywhere, cant believe that the first venture that i have ever been on the internet has given me

such good results. there are so many different things and categories to handle one cant believe how life becomes so interesting overnight. Ready to hire and wow i could really use a manager........

i really need advice on how to handle all this work coming my way, i m so excited at the same time so clueless how to handle all these adds....all you experienced people out there please suggest an action plan.