Online gaming problem

hey guys i downloaded stronghold crusaders.

well its a nice game but i wanted to play with my cousin living in Multan

the problem is the connection lost again and again

do you guys have any solution

^do you guys know how to play with hamachi, its actually very very easy..

just read the instructions and you are good to go, i have played fifa, aoe, madden on it with my friend and it worked really well.

2nd solution is download and install gameranger.

register here for free and play the game.

ofcource your cousin also need to have either of the above software as well (depending on your choice)

gameranger would work just fine

i am using gameranger its awesome but the problem is in the game my connection lost afer every ten seconds for 1-3 seconds and i cant play game

try forwarding the port. and also wat is your ping status.

i am using wireless and i have a weird problem i get one timeout after 20-30 reply when i ping to my router i have tp link router