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I have made this thread to list any online electronic component/part shops operating inside Pakistan. If you have any information about such shops, pitch in and list their details. Any accounts of dealings with the shops would also be helpful.

I was recently referred to which is based in Islamabad. They were accessible via mobile phone. I placed an online test order for some parts. I was able to fetch it from their premises later. Some parts are priced higher than College Road, Rawalpindi and some are priced cheaper so its a mixed bag. They have a variety of shipping options and can deliver via mail/courier. The thing I liked about them was their relatively extensive inventory.

In my order, there were a couple 40 pin ZIF sockets and the ones they had had narrow pin spacing vs the wide ones pictured on the website.

Here's the rundown:

- Easily accessible online.
- Direct communication possible if any problem(s) arise.
- Relatively large inventory.
- Somewhat professional.
- Website layout is logical and easy to navigate.

- Parts may vary a bit from the pictured ones.
- No part description/details. Just part names and pictures listed on the website.
- Closed on Saturday.
- Some parts are more expensive than the market.

Nice find - This is at least a good start.

Here are few more (they are more towards kits, development boards etc) (looks like an importer rather than a stockist)

^ seems to be a store. The other two aren't proper online stores.

On that note, is also there but its just a front for the Digikey US store and they have a $75 shipping fee plus any local customs charges incurred.

There's also:

Check this as well ..... is very good source. I called them up and placed my order. Got the stuff delivered at doorstep within same day at very reasonable price. Could not find any other online store as good as this one.

where you find these company. which website could I know it? I want to do business with lightning surge protection distributor


NOTE: I haven't any experience with them, find it during search of dsPIC(MCU) in Pakistan.

very good info for people who wants electronics parts.


Electronics Pakistan

EV Electronics is a good resourse in Pakistan but most items arer over priced. has a veriety of finished goods rather than components. Matrix has no price listing.

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NOTE: I haven't any experience with them, find it during search of dsPIC(MCU) in Pakistan.


I have just noticed a "12mm Push Button Switch" (common tact switch). Now compare the price.

Market price = Rs.3.0

Robotice price = Rs.90

I think it's enough to runaway now :o


i am also a electronics hobbyist i live in karachi ,i think the best online shop in pakistan is the following site

i have personal experience with them they have largest online components store in pakistan .

But if u go for a store then there is a store near sir syed eng university opposite to hokey club there are two shop of electronics components for students and hobbyist the names are GENERAL ELECTRONICS and STEP ELECTRONICS .THANKS.


I would like to introduce Taraz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which is located in Rawalpindi.

The company do frequent orders from international stores specially Mouser and Digikey and they can bring you hard to find or reliable stuff from there at nominal charge.

They also have in-house SMT assembly line and plastic stencils (50% discount for students) printing capability, which maybe the only place you can find in Pakistan if you make your own SMT boards.Their focus is on prototyping, so they provide same day SMT assembly service, and make the complete circuit from design files in 12 days including component and PCB sourcing.

They also have online cost estimator on their website for both PCB assembly and plastic stencils


Where can i get lm2907 or 2917

Yeah Taraz Technologies are really good..helped me with the components that weren't available anywhere in Pakistan..i got them for a very reasonable cost from them..and their PCB quality is awesome! :)

here is a link if you want to search it online:

One more online shop, selling electronic modules/kits, some parts as well.

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order on your own risk B)

EDIT: I recently visited and it disappointed me because it’s a small shop (guest room) in a house with few 100 items. And online stock not updated so, what I am looking not available on site and alternative item to it cost me double to it's actual market price.

Anyone has experience purchasing from ???

the site is offering the cheapest prices for most of the components but since it is from peshawar :P I have some doubts :)