Online Computer Shops Offering a great experience for visitors

Hello guys,

My name is Muhammad Talha Imtiaz (MTI).

I am an SEO by profession. I want Pakistani websites to offer a superior online experience to all users. So far in my search for the right kind of website which we can call a benchmark I have found this online computer/laptop store to be the finest. (I am doing SEo for these people but I am truthful... and it is the truth that we have worked very hard to make the website something to reckon!

The people behind the website are working very hard indeed... it can be seen from

  1. the amazing functionalities in the website
  2. the regular updates and
  3. their general focus towards making everyone buy from the website by
  4. offering discounts for online ordering.

Please take a look and share any other websites that match www.autechnologies in quality and prices etc.

A User should not take more than 3 clicks to get to their relevant information... I am going to put up a post about the methods website owners (novice at webdesign etc) can implement to ensure this.

I hope to have comments by you guys.

best Regards,