One channel audio output only?

Hi guys!

I'm encountering a weird problem. I've got my old PC running for browsing purposes its P4 HT on Intel D102GGC2 mobo. recently i purchased new headphones...when i plugged them in i was astonished that the rare audio-in panel is just routing sound through one channel. And there's a continuous hiss noise on the other left side of the earphone. The headphone is working flawlessly on my other PC(C2Q) and on my mobile as well. I've tried different speakers aswell but they all end up giving sound through right side. I've updated the drivers and tweaked everything and concluded that its not a software problem rather a hardware prob. The hiss and distorted noise keeps on coming from the other channel. Help me a way out of it.!


Not sure but it seems that it IS a hardware problem. what about the front audio jacks? if your mobo has the front audio connector pins than try connecting them to the front audio jack (if you have front audio jacks on your casing) ..... who knows the rear audio jack could be faulty if not the sound chip.

Try fresh OS install and than the relevant drivers...

If the problem still persists, a new soundcard ..... !

actually the the front panel is not available on the casing though but the option is present in the mobo....i'll try fresh OS but it seemed that the jack is getting earthed or screwed other jacks i.e line-in and mic working perfect.!

I had the exact same problem with my P4. Whether I connected headphones or speakers, the sound would come from a single side only.

I switched to USB headphones.

^^did u try other sound card??? cause its a bit difficult these days to get a normal sound card.

Man this driving me crazy now.! there should be a way out!! anyone