On which channel can I watch Top Gear?

Hello. I wanted to watch the show "Top Gear" but I don't know on which channel it is aired. I have cable at home and I get BBC World News on it. Can someone guide me?

Hope you can get some information from the following sites of them.



it is aired on bbc prime i am sure... but you are better off downloading form torrents like i do... it is a great show and when the season resumes it is gonna give us a race of three bugatti veyrons

yes its aired on bbc prime and its 11th season is in progress i think so.

just download man

BBC Prime, BBC Knowledge - and you can always download or buy the DVDs which are easily available in shops (depending where you live!)

OK. I guess downloading and buying DVD's are both good options! Thanks for the help guys. Btw, I'll ask my cable guy if he can arrange BBC Prime or BBC Knowledge on the TV.

I suggest you use www.ted.nu