OMG, you Gaeeiz. :)


Finally after many many years of trusted computing, my system gave up, and i had to upgrade / replace malfunctioning components, so i had to swallow the bitter pill and upgraded from a Core2Duo PC to a brand new , Sparkling, mudda fuddin`, spank my shiny metal ass haswell PC. :)

Yayyy to me :)

a 4rth gen Core i5 with a beautiful Beautiful extremely beaustiful , plus feature rich gigabyte mobo... with tons of everything there is.. only 4gb ram today as no money, totally broke, .. that setup alone cost e almost 40k for processor mobo ram alone.. so next 4gb will come latter..

the difference of 5 years of technology jump is Amazing.. all my system features work.. more ports than i have stuff to connect.. and the board is gorgeous to just even look at..

Awww yiss..!!!! :D

Congrats you got the lollipop! :)

And do share the cost and specs.


I guess you'll be gaming a bit more now that you have a powerful PC. ;)

share some pics if you can...........

Get a GTX 760 next :lol:

EDIT: If you had told me earlier, I could've gotten you the very same 7950 i posted pics of earlier that I shipped to a friend in Peshawar for a price that would've made you #$%# yo' pants fo' sho :P

. ......Cheers !...... .

Share some pic if you can and i have also core 2 quad which i think we will sell it if not than Baam like you(wait till it ends like you),it is good but my gpu GF 9500 gt is gone bad after i cleaned it my monitor doesn't display anything and now i have ati x600 :-((4-5 year old) still running.......

[quote=“Omicron7, post:6, topic:20483”]

. ......Cheers !...... .

Share some pic if you can and i have also core 2 quad which i think we will sell it if not than Baam like you(wait till it ends like you),it is good but my gpu GF 9500 gt is gone bad after i cleaned it my monitor doesn't display anything and now i have ati x600 :-((4-5 year old) still running.......


A core-2-quad is still very durable and good enough to run most current games at high settings, so i wouldn't wait for it to die if i was in your place. You should certainly consider upgrading your GPU though as it is a serious bottleneck, unless if you don't play games on it.

It would be nice if we had a plugin that displayed our PC specs like in other fourms.

Congrats doc sahib!

[quote=“jDk, post:8, topic:20483”]

It would be nice if we had a plugin that displayed our PC specs like in other fourms.


In yesteryears, such stuff was relegated to the signature. The same could be used here now.


@ people of all yore..!!

Thanks a lot gaiz.. :)

and i will post the pics soon.. just giving the pc a working run..the mobo is just dam beautiful.. sure you can see the HD pics on net and it still looks cool, but there is absolutely no greature shher beauty of actually holding and viewing the board in your hand.. the actual board is waaay beautiful.

The processor is extremely ugly in comparison. :( and the Stock HSF is plain boring.. and fan is a nosnense at startup.. doesnot spin until 3-4 sec, and then suddenly starts up like a generator... silly.. but then turn quite onwards though.


i am very happy with my GTX 460 and donot wish to plan an upgrade on a GPU untill for a few many months more.. since i dont see any advantage for me as per my current computing needs.

thanks for your offer though.. will keep in mind for future.


it is a

Core i5, 4570 3.2GHZ @ @22k

GigaByte H87 HD3 mobo.. comes with all USB3, Sata 3 and 3X Vga outs, HDMI+DVI+VGA ports. 8.1 Surround HD, and Giga bit lan as key features.. Board for 12600rs.

Corsair Ram DDR3 4GB Stick @ 4k... didnit have enough money at that time.. will stick in another 4 GB soon.... too bad as corsair doenot make te XMS3 ram anymore.. XMS was Da bomb.. Vengeance is just Overpriced..

A 460 can barely run a game nowadays let alone max it out at 1080p. But if you're happy with it, then sure I won't be the judge of it. However, for 1080p gaming an upgrade will turn up eventually. Whether you intend to or not :)

Btw, why didn't you get the 4670K? Especially considering that you got a kickass mobo (according to you :lol: ). Why buy a 3rd party mobo with overclocking features if you're not going to overclock the CPU at all.

Hey guys, the good old RockPaperShotgun website has reviewed.... Teh PC!

Just for the lulz. :lol:


Farhan, that rating is for your new PC. ;)


my 460 is running all titles of 2013 at 1080p very fine at medium to high settings. Thank you.. when i may need an upgrade to say, run AC5 or Tombaraider 2014, or any FPS of crysis series or if FEAR gets a reboot, i may run them on a little lower settings, and then in the next gen proabably get the RX390 directly, or whatever the next gen would be to last me another 3-4 years.

i didnt need the k , as i donot ever intend to OC.. never did, probably never will.

as for the 3rd party mobo, there was choice between the z87 and the H87 with little money diference.. i chose the h87 chipset as i absolutely didnot need OC or running both the PCIE slots at x16, since i wont be doing Crossfire ever, i believe in one powerful card over 2 smaller ones...nor does the X16 slot provide any advatnage over x8 in terms of badwidth since PCIE 3 has already waaaayyy much bandwidth to spare for ever stressing my VGAs...

as per Intel manufacturing Specs.. the Z series is for oc the K series, and H87 is for home use not for OC the K, as it Overheats the H chipset.. the GB board of H87 comes with soo much cooling and power phases for the chipset identical to the Z series boards, that it includes extreme OC features in itself almost on par with the Z87... which is supposed to be the only difference between the 2.. but since its not my need, i preffered the H87..

and there were more PCI expansions on the H87 board than z87 of same company, and every other feature was virtually identical, including same caps and build quality, layout, and also including more VGA ports on the H87 than z87, ie. VGA+DVI +HDMI on same board.. :) /.. so as a calculated purchase the 3k price difference for something i would never use was just a saving, which i will spend on more RAm thus gaining ACTUAL benefits than only running the K processors.

. :)

Same reason for not going for the K processors :)



HAAAAAAH :D exactly.. and it will keep achieving that rating of 10.5 out of 5 forever for me :)


What case and display do you have? Did you use the ones you had? How about mouse and keyboard? Speakers?

Pics of you in car show model getup, posing real sexy like with the new bundle?

case rs 1200 simple aam si casing (not a fan of expensive casings )


32 inch Sony CCFL LCD full HD.. Malaysian :)


a Dell multimedia wired keyboard.. a simple Acer wired mouse.

a microsoft wireless Keyboard and Mouse Dektop 6000..

an A4tech R4 wireless gaming mouse of 2000 rs for mouse only..

Speakers ..

2x JVC tower speakers with 10inch woofers

2X Yamaha studio version towers with 8inch woofers

4x surround victor speakers for mids.

a Pioneer VSX amp at 1100W to run these speakers

a cerwin Wega 15inch Wood made Stroker (NOT a woofer)

a 2200W DC amp to run that woofer

Congratulations man, Not a huge fan of desktops though I also updated my 3 y.o. laptop pc recently to a brand new ultrabook notebook , although its a 3rd Gen processor (3317U) I can run all the new games with the 2GB AMD Radeon HD 7670M at full settings on a 40" hdtv without it getting more than 75C so yeah, I win! J/K Well I dont actually see the point buying a desktop pc now , unless you're not facing a terrible load-shedding 10 month a year.

^ i love desktops.. i hate laptops.. just not my thing, even though billions of people worldwide donot agree with me, but i donot need any portability for now, and desktops are just sheer beauty.. huge sized components and the expandability... oh my... just the sheer possibility of opening a screw and fitting any of the latest most powerful things in it just bring me the tears of joy..:)

expansions and ability to add anything with absolutely maximum power is why i love desktops

your laptop has a very decent GPU which alows you to play very recent games at quite good quality.. this is absolutely fantastic as far as laptops go, but you cant change or expan anything except ram... cant change processor, mobo, GPU, cant add ports, cant get larger screen, cant add another HDD.. need to use on lap.. require charging.. etc.. even though it is much powerful for modern use, it wont last long wih respect to added functionality..

also i have an APC 2200 XL which runs all the above, plus my CPU and occasional laser printer with ease.. connected with 4x 165AH AGS batteries which used to give me around 7 hours of backup on this setup running continuously... now this has reduced to 4-5 hours after 1.3 years of battery life... still going strong :) further reason why i love my always on 24/7 PC :D