Om/One Bluetooth speaker you’ve ever seen

If you are in search of Bluetooth wireless speakers, there is very few of them that you will gladly choose form. Few of them are simple, others have fantastic look. Om/One has made a bit different innovation because these speakers have property that they can levitate in air or levitate partly.

The Om/One speaker consists of a black orb which will be floating and it has a base which keep orb to float in the air. The diameter of Orb is 9cm and it weighs 340 grams. It has a 74mm audio driver which produces sound. The range of wireless Bluetooth is 33 feet. The diameter of base station is of 16cm; its height is 4cm at a weight of 590 grams.


source: mobilenews

I have bluetooth speeker with usb/sd card mp3 and fm radio purchased in rs.700, from hyderabad