Old windows Live Messenger

How i use Old Version of Windows Live Messenger.everytime i try to use it tells me to download latest One Thanx In advance

u cannot use old version.. msn server block old version numbers log in after stable new version has been released.

Must bE a Way Around It PLZ HELP Me

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Must bE a Way Around It PLZ HELP Me

There is no way around it - just download the new one! What’s the problem here?

^^ why you still want to use old version of live messenger when there is new version with new features?

Well maybe! my technical mind says if you can hack the old version to report the new version number to msn messengers server then it may work

Maybe you are running away from newer version because they are too bloated am i right??

Come on, don't be so scared of change. If you're on XP though, I think the old Windows Messenger (not MSN Messenger, not Windows Live Messenger) they have on there would work.

can some1 email me the OFFLINE installer of wlm 2009.Thanxz

any 1 Plez snd me offline installer