Old LowEnd Pentium2 Dell Poweredge 2200 Server

From Karachi: I am selling my old Dell PowerEdge 2200 Server , i use it as a personal desktop pc for 6 years and its still best running windows 2000 pro & running better then a average P3, i don't get any problem in 6 years, now i upgrade my pc so its spare for me, its still very good for lowend server solution or for newbies who want to play with servers. i don't have camera you can see pictures of dell poweredge 2200 on google image search.


2x Dual Pentium 2 Cpu's (333mhz) total 666mhz

384mb EDO ECC Ram

2x SCSI Hard Drives 9GB Quantum Atlas & 18GB Segate Cheetah both (10krpm)

1 Plextor SCSI CD Writer

1 Toshiba SCSI DVD ROM Drive

Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold

16mb Creative Voodo Banshee PCI VGA Card

USB and Lan Card

White Compact Midi Tower Dell Casing in good condition

Windows 2000 Pro Running Perfect on it.

Demand : Rs.5000

Post your offers here

Demand is decrease to : Rs.4000 and Still Negotiable