Offline Multiplayer racing game suggestion needed

Hey guys!

I'm trying to find out some good racing games for PC which can be played in offline multiplayer mode. Please suggest me some good games, it can be either Motorcycle racing or car racing games.

I've always been a fan of NFS series but NFS now lacks offline multiplayer option. I've seen GT5 on PS3 has the option, but i require something on PC.

give split/second a go, really good game


Try Split/Second



o wow! How can i miss such a game! Man i never heard of it before but the ratings are very high. I'll start downloading it instantly. Thanks 2 u 2 deffury.

What's offline multiplayer.. you mean LAN mode?

^no not lan mode,

A game that can be played by two or more person on a same PC or console, without needing to connect to any network.

Usually racing games use split screen to show view of different players.

Like in Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit it looked like this:177103-need-for-speed-iii-hot-pursuit-playstation-screenshot-player.png

yakh yakh yakh! Split seconds sucks at splitscreen. And i am unbale to get my joysticks working with race. I can configure it but unable to play.

PLease suggest some thing good.

there are two options for spitsecond splitscreen, 1. Horizontal 2. Vertical, you can change the settings in options.


i've not tried Blur yet. I'll give it a try.