Official release date for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Pakistan

Anyone know the new release date for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Pakistan?

Earlier, Samsung Pakistan was taking pre-bookings at 92.5K or 93.5K with the new USB Type C Gear VR but there hasn’t been any update since the whole ‘battery burning’ debacle came to fore. If anyone who has pre-booked it has updated information about this, please share.

Do you want to have a blast? since the new Note 7’s also have the issue.

Haha, I read about it a day or two back. Pity. It could have been a nice upgrade.

I like the Note 7, but it exploding has convinced me to wait for whatever comes in 2017 before upgrading phones. This years flagship phones haven’t been that much different from last years. I think 2017’s processors might deliver some noticable improvements, with more phones supporting Google’s new VR and what not.

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It’s sort of like the typical Intel processor tik-tok improvement roadmap. This one was supposed to be the ‘tik’ part but perhaps will have to wait for Note 8 for getting the ‘Tik’ + ‘Tok’ device combined. Samsung truly blew it this time with this half-baked device especially when the replacement devices have begun sprouting same issue too. It’s a pity since it means more wait for a decent replacement device.

Note7 is dead. Forget about it.


I wonder how will Samsung Pakistan and Telenor will deal with returning the money they took for booking pre-orders.

They shouldn’t have skipped number 6. That’s revenge of Sith, err I mean Sixth for you :stuck_out_tongue:

What is Samsung planning for next S and Note Galaxy variants? Will Note 8 be introduced earlier than normal or at normal time?