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Offer Expired!

y don't you contact companies.....?

sent you a mail.

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y don’t you contact companies…?

Thanks for your idea! We also do it on a regular basis. Actually I wanted to introduce this business in Pakistan. There are very few Pakistanis who are present in this business. Indians are dominating this business nowaday in South East Asia and their country’s extension ‘.in’ is getting stronger day by day. Whereas the person who registers .pk or does not even have the control of their own domains. Even if I want to change the name servers of my .pk or domain, I have to send en email to my registrar and sometimes it takes 24hrs to even change the name servers.

Now in order to introduce this business in Pakistan, I have offered some of my domains on almost cost to cost price. So that people should know which domains works best for their business. I can also guide anyone if someone wants to start this business.

sorry to butt in, but NIKE would want a 4 letter domain cause the company is 4 lettered.. ADDIDAS would not need 4 letters... and random 4 letters that just came off the keyboard!! lols, why would anyone want that (unless obviously their acronym or name is in it, which I doubt is in any of the above)

thanks for bringing your butt in ;).

Well existing companies won't buy these names, these names are for new businesses. And as for your example of adidas, there are two approaches in this scenario, if you can spend millions of doliars for marketing any name will work for you. But if you have a tight budget you'll bee needing these shorter ones. These shorter domains adds authority to your business. They are also easy to remember like, or And Yes they can also be an acronym for someone's business. Like recently facebook has bought for its marketing purposes.

Hope this helps.

Short domains certainly have value. If they would be with proper sense, it would have cost LOT.

Nice pricing. Did you tried elling on Godaddy or Sedo ?

Yeap these domains really gonna go easily in hundreds of dollars, and the op is selling it for pretty cheap price

Thanks muqti & punk.

I have just acquired these names, so have not tried to sell on any marketplace. Although I have sold some ccc.coms on reasonable prices at Sedo.

I just wanted to have a feel if people in pk really do know such stuff and I am gllad that out 4 responses in reply to this thread 3 are positive.

So, guys only 2 days are left, let me know if anyone's interested.


Do you have any brandable domain name ? Could be 5 letter too or any 3 letter domain ?


No, atm I dont have any brandable 5 letter domain, though I have put a good part of my inventory at godaddy auction, let me know if you're interested, I'll send you the list, starting bid is only $10...I have had one word .orgs and and a which I sold recently.

Yes please send me the list . I will pick up

I have sent you email.