OCs - Turning back to normal in summer?

How many of you deciding to turn your overclocked hardware to default, in the coming summer? I have decided to lower the clock speed of processor to a little more than default in may.

over clockin means overstressin its default setting so reducing its expendable life ... enabling cpu work load in mobo helps u reduce ur clock speed as im usin in my core2duo ... normally it runs at 1200ghz and when im encoding vdoz or rippin media off the dvi or playin games it shoots upto its max 2.2ghz ... so i think tats a safer way to keep ur horse breathin normal n makin it sprint when its needed :)

as far as life of processor is concerned, most of us wont keep it for more than 3 years at most.

so be over clockin whenever ya want!

well it depends on user workload ... if some one is a gamer or he is too much in multimedia creation or video encription so he can overclock to get the extra out of a cpu ... otherwise for normal use it hardly matters ... one can hardly feel any difference in overclocked n standard cpu ... i have a question here .. r these liquid coolin devices avail in pakistan ... i wrote an email to galaxy n they replied -ve n told me they will info me when new product will arrive .. but their websie is showin they have got one ... so any guess n price range etc ...