OC zone

plz post ur OCd crystal points here ... for a beginner .. im posting mine :) just 9% ocd cpu .. cause i have stock coolin n value ram so dnt wana roast any thing just wanted to check the difference of this small ocing difference on crystal results :)



Crstal is'nt a good software for testing the computer performance , better check out the 3d Mark 06.




is my cpu heating normal? ive not oc it yet ..

if those temps are on a stock intel cooler, they are okay.

yup on stock cooling .. just added 2 system fans but they have not tat effect on cpu temp .. same as b4 just mbo etc temp has fallen due to them

world top 30 overclockers :D any one here :P


well here is my UPDATE i gues its final .. cause system started in to safe mode when i changed upto 3.2ghz ... well i got to say xfx 630i is a very cool board .. i achieved this at stock cooler ...


kash i had some graphics card :D