Ny idea where I can buy Guitars in Faisalabad?

I want to buy an acoustic guitar, ny1 knws sumfin about where I will be able to find them in Faisalabad?

Any idea where I can buy bikinis in Peshawar?

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That question is fine. Doesn't hurt anyone.

I don't know of music shops in Faisalabad, but if you know someone planning to visit Pakistan from abroad you could ask them to bring you one. I find musical instruments are cheaper abroad. Whats your price range?

If you can't find them in Faisalabad, ask someone to bring or send you one from Karachi. There are hundreds of instrument shops here and they are chock full of acoustic guitars.

man take a trip to karachi or ask anyone coming to karachi to pick one up for u, there are guitar shops in saddar, defence tariq road,,2nd hand accoustic guitars are available only for 1000 rs to 1500 rs...

i think guitars come in tech.....and i have posted it in general discussion so it could be out of tech

@ sah, my price range is abt rs.5000 and sum1 told me there are 3 shops in lhr pace full of guitars........mayb I can find there

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@ sah, my price range is abt rs.5000 and sum1 told me there are 3 shops in lhr pace full of guitars…mayb I can find there

5000 rupees is reasonable for a beginner guitar. I won’t recommend you get a ‘brand’, since they are usually more expensive and their low end models not too great. Go for a no-brand guitar, like the first guitar I bought was for 3500 rupees, made in Taiwan. Excellent instrument! You’d do well to check out a few shops to see what they offer.

Also if you’re just starting, DON’T increase your price range and buy an expensive guitar. It’d be a waste if you stop playing 2 days later, and believe me a LOT of people do that!