Nvidia fires the shot against Intel and AMD!

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Nvidia’s hop over the fence is a little more novel, and certainly worth noting. It’s no secret that graphics chips can perform a helluva lot of computations to deliver the ultimate in 3D gaming, but that same power can be harnessed for crunching numbers or running simulations. To that end, Nvidia last year launched technology called CUDA, which allows developers to build programs that run on graphics processors using the familiar C programming language instead of the more esoteric graphics programming languages.

With that move, Nvidia put Intel and AMD on notice. Today Nvidia’s CEO fired the first shot by introducing what it calls “The World’s Most Affordable Vista Premium PC,” a low-cost platform containing a Nvidia graphics processor and a lower-end CPU from Via Technologies. Nvidia isn’t only snubbing Intel, it’s trying to prove that PC buyers are better off with functional CPUs, and that high-performance tasks can be trusted to a graphics processor.

It’s a bold move, but if it works, Nvidia will have upended several decades of chip design. And it will likely take its success all the way to the bank.


Read more here: http://gigaom.com/2008/04/11/can-nvidia-kill-the-x86-architecture/


Thats interesting, but IMO it will take a long long, very long time for people to get accustomed to using "functional" CPUs only....its just, not the "way"...but interesting NTL.

Lets assume nVidia has some success with this...can they really challenge Intel? we saw Intel P4 lineup get beaten consistently by AMDs lineup...but what difference did that make in the market?

Exactly, there is a psychological market as well, we just feel good having the latest Intel processors, it would take a big miracle to sway the audience into going to for GPU related CPU performance.