Nsf file in Lotus Notes 9.0

Good afternoon to all,

We have a strange thing happened - one of the databases is very, very necessary users, ceased to be available as lotus.

Lotus to any attempts to access it provides File does not exist, then the lists you attempt fixup'a, compact'a, copying, opening..

In the list of files in the Administrator does not show ... The fact that it is possible to see only in the file system - file there.

What to do? How to access? What could be the reason?

The server is on virtual machine that periodically buggy and often launched ... I understand, without my knowledge, including (I - Administrator Domino)...

Could be the cause glitches domain controller (yesterday said systems analysts faced with this problem). Maybe this virus? The database has reporting features Word, Excel accession...

If there is any ideas on how to save

Lotus and domino have died in most organizations ever since exchange 2010 arrived..

I would suggest you to create a snapshot of fault VM and use backup dbs.

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Make use of 5 steps, in case they aren’t effective, apply useful topics contained various tips and tricks concerning NSF file issues



https://www.repairtoolbox.com/lotusnotesrepair.html Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox – sources created for solving issues with severely corrupted .nsf files

1. Copy the NSF file into a new local location that has Lotus Notes
2. Using the Command prompt go to Lotus Notes home. (i.e. c:\lotus otes )
3. Run the following commands:
(Enter the user's Notes password if prompted)
3a. nfixup.exe .nsf
3b. ncompact.exe -c .nsf
4. Once the file has been fixed and compacted. Rename the original NSF in source (i.e. _bkup or _currupt) to distinguish the corrupt version from the fixed one.
5. Add the fixed NSF to source and process in Clearwell as needed.