NR3C Got hacked?

National Response Centre for Cyber crimes a website by FIA, got hacked it self! The hacker group named them as PAKBUGS.

It seems that they have only managed to hack the complaint submission page

But thats indeed very sad, that a Govt institution who's purpose is to protect us from cyber crime can't protect itself. I hope that FIA is onto this as the main page is showing DOWN FOR MAINTAINENCE!

even the home page is also giving the same thing

Its not sad,

Its not disappointing either,

No smart person is going to work on a govt job, unless its a high level job, like being a head of something something.

^^ yes its disappointing, smart persons willing to work for govt, but our govt doesn't want to give work to smart persons. They have lot of quota for sifarshis .



Bitches ?

Pakbugs got stamped and squished by FIA[]:

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistani authorities said Thursday they had traced a gang of hackers and arrested five suspects involved in defacing thousands of domestic and international websites and online fraud. The "internationally-known hackers" have been picked up in an operation spanning the country over the past few weeks, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) senior officer Mian Idrees told AFP. "We have unearthed notorious hackers' group 'Pakbugs' and arrested five members of this group," he said. Authorities seized computers and other equipment involved in various cyber crimes, he said. The FIA said in a statement the group was involved in hacking or defacing thousands of websites belonging to government, non-government and international organisations. "They were also involved in credit card jacking and usage of stolen credit cards," it said. "Pakbugs" founder Jawad Ehsan, alias Humza, remains at large and is believed to be based in Saudi Arabia, the statement said. But it said co-founder Hassan Khan has been detained in the northwest Pakistani city of Peshawar, along with other members in Lahore, Bannu and Rawalpindi. Idrees ruled out the hackers' involvement in terrorism and said the men had been charged only with electronic crimes. Pakistan, fighting terrorism and high-tech offences, in 2008 declared cyber-terrorism a capital crime, while electronic fraud is punishable by a prison term of seven to ten years.



that aint cool..

if NR3C's site was hacked how could they protect us !! :P

Do you guys know that the hackers who did this are arrested today?

Here :

^Yeah, just scroll the page up a lil' bit :P

Hackers showed us that how weak is out government's security online. ;)

Pakistanis are very talented in such kind of things. It's hard to believe but some of the first computer viruses were created by two Pakistani brothers

Government should use the skills of talented ppl like these.

They are probably showing their hatred against this present gov nothing seems against the Pakistan.

Where was government when these hackers were hacking Indian websites in response?

recently pakbugs got arrested.....