Not trust online retailer they spam you

another reason why trust to local online retailers (especially

with your personal details as they will breach your privacy and spam you

many times this question is asked by friends that

should we trust pakistani websites selling goods or not

about half of them don't trust them with their credit/ debit details

and the other half get confused on warranty claims and or quality of products

i give u here another reason why not to trust local online retailers

i did a mistake 2 and half years ago i ordered an item from

a local online retailer

it was first of all not as it was shown it was b-grade product as usual

i later found that this site does not sell original goods but sells cheap quality replicas

now from the past 2 years i am receiving spam email from them

each day i have to add a new address in my spam list

i am fed up ( screen shots attached)


if they call it a newsletter i find no option to opt-out of it

any why do they create a new email each time

so my advice to friends is that don't trust local websites with your personal details

either you will get robbed or they will breach your privacy send you spam and will send you low quality goods

I have had a bad experience with them also. About a year back, I ordered a Panasonic cordless phone from them after being assured by their rep that it was brand new phone but since it was OEM, it was not box packed. Needless to say, the moment I got it I knew it was not brand new. It was refurbished and was crap....They refused to take it back and to tell you the truth....I was just angry at myself for letting them dupe me in the first place. Aargh!!!

I lost 5000 but am definitely wiser now.

They provide goods with no return and no exchange, basically, they are here to rob citizen of Pakistan. Almost all items are chines and no warranty and if they assure warranty than they have tactic how make situation which void warranty.


Never Trust these Pakistani Online Store (Online Robers).

they sold me a mobile handheld charger that worked only for 3 days


not trust online retailer they spam you

Well, First thing: I dont have to do anything with, and I am not at all writing this to defend them by any means.


They or many other websites which sells cheap stuff over net never claim that they are selling original stuff. Anyone can and should make out the quality of the product by the price they offer. You pay for a cheap product you get a cheap product. What to complain for?

One of my client, ordered a mini net book, Chinese verson with windows ce installed and 4gb of flash. After getting the order he brought the machine to me to get the office 2007 and other programs installed. Now, Windows ce is not meant run these programs. He had the same comments "I am being fooled". I dont agree.

Yes, what they are doing is to use jargons to its best, be honest, which marketing company does not do this, mobile packages which are being offered with so costly advertisements. It does not ONLY happen in Pakistan, browse net, you will get thousands of websites around the world, who offer services, products, softwares which are useless. So, one has to be wise and realistic while shopping either over net or physically.

Yes, I do 100% agree with spamming side of it. Thats a wrong practice by any standards.

We @ Icon do sell online as well, and by the grace of God, we dont have a SINGLE unsatisfied client as far as online sales are concerned. Yes, you cant make the whole world happy, there would be some clients who may have visited us and may not be happy with us for any x.y.z. reasons, but as far as online sales is concerned I am positive that none has ever complaint, rather I got referrals from them.

I am sure, we @ Icon are not the only one who have satisfied online clientale, there are many other websites who are doing online sales in a right way.

I repeat: I never meant to defend them at all. All I meant was, such sites exist all over the world.