Not Sure What Connection am i using from PTCL

Assalam o alaikum…i just got a new dsl connection from ptcl 4mbps but i am not sure if they have really given me a 4mbps or am i using 2mbps line???

here’s the screenshot…please help :slight_smile: thankyou

It’s 1.7Mbps downstream and around 700Kbps upstream.

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The stats are showing a 2Mbps connection. You can confirm it by calling there helpline and if they say that you have got 4Mbps connection tell them your down and up streams data.

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Call help center and asked your query.

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Your downstream SNR is 6.3 dB. It should be higher.

And downstream attenuation is 45 dB. It should be as low as possible.

Launch a complaint for noisy telephone line.

The problem is your SNR are very down may be line quality is very low. talk to exchange ppls i think you have 2mbps but now you getting 1.7mbps