Nostalgic Experience of Doom2 with Skulltag

I hope that by now many of hardcore gamers here already know about Skulltag. If not then allow me to share few things briefly about it.

Doom 2: Hell On Earth


People who were born before 90s and played computer games of 90s can easily tell the craze about game known as Doom (good old days :) ). And then came the Doom 2, oh boy, don't let me start on it that how cool it was in those days. :cool:

But then came the age of internet and even though Doom's code was released under GPL license and it was ported to Windows but it got under dust over the time. There have been many projects to resurrect the Doom games (there are many games that are based on Doom engine). However, Skulltag is so far the best (as in my short experience with it). It allows you to play on internet absolutely FREE!

How to do it?

First of all, visit the and download and install Skulltag. This is a legal software and it is free (but not open-source).

A Small Problem

As Skulltag is totally legal but that means it doesn't come with copyrighted files. In other words, it is pretty useless without WAD (IWAD; Internal WAD) files of Doom game. How you get it? Torrent is your friend. You do not need to install the full Doom game. Just copy WAD (especially DOOM2.WAD) to Skulltag folder (in Program Files). A little configuration in Skulltag (to tell where to look for WAD file) and you are good to go.

All set. What now?

When you'll run Skulltag Online (shortcut on desktop) then you'll get similar screen (though it is different software but it is similar to Skulltag Doomseeker). Here, you'll get list of servers and their information (how many players are playing, ping latency, what kind of game is it, what files you need etc.). If you have the IWAD file (if not then get it from torrent) then you are good to go. Double-click the server and if any other WAD (PWAD) files are missing then Skulltag Doomseeker will prompt you to allow it to automatically download PWAD files for you (what else you need :) ). If you have all the files then you are connected to server and you are in the game. And all the servers (except password protected servers) are FREE OF COST AND LEGAL TO JOIN AND PLAY.

So what are you waiting for? Get in there and start playing. The best thing about Doom is that you don't need a super-expensive computer. Even a modest Pentium 3 can easily run it (even without any expensive graphic card). Just keep an eye on ping, lower the better, otherwise with high pings you'll never know what hit you and killed you :D

Get in there. NOW!!! :D

Its great but I fear there may be too many cheaters around.. Any say?