Nokia Warranty provided by United Mobiles

hey guys, what sort of warranty does united mobiles provide on Nokia cellphones? like i have just purchased a Nokia 1616 and its battery is not giving good timings , it drains in 2hrs time, will united replace the battery?

Thanks and take care.

^ United Mobile will not replace the battery instead they will check if there is anything wrong with your mobile. Batteries don't come under warranty.

In my experience I'm 100% that your battery was replaced by the shop owner. 90% sets don't come with the batteries. So try with some other nokia batteries and if it works then good if not you should contact the n earest united mobile service center or Nokia care.

I went to united mobiles franchise and they said they do not provide warranty on battery, charger or hands free further more the guy at the counter said that this is a local battery as we provide black color battery and this is a gray color battery.. now either i just go and buy a new battery or go to that shop keeper and raise hell at his place.. man this sucks =( any suggestions?