Nokia Smartphone Prices?

Nokia has already been left far behind in smartphone market so now they are coming up with models like 700, Lumia 800 etc. All these models seem to be priced above 30,000 PKR. Can Nokia survive this way when you get Samsung Galaxy series (reasonably comparable models) and some low end HTC phones as well in the same range. Also considering the popularity of Android comapred to Symbian and Windows Mango, I find it pretty strange Nokia is still keeping their prices in high end regime.

^ What do you want them to do? Sell those for dumb-phone's prices?

Besides, Nokia is improving again after the release of Symbian AnnaBelle firmwares.

Well everybody has their opinions about something but I am sure this now has been not more than a fun thing talking about your brand and mine while we both love our brands and want to stay with them or just switch to the other ones because that is now gaining attraction these days.

Anyway Lumia 710 is lower cost phone and the Lumia 800 is the higher value phone to attract wider range of users while both having almost same hardware. I can bet for Lumia 800's design and quality build because I've used N9 and it's the most precious device I ever used among iPhone, Android or any thing you have loved. And Lumia 800 is no different than N9 by design and build quality.

BTW Lumia 710 is Rs. 19,000 in india and Lumia 800 is for Rs. 29,000. So in Pakistan Lumia 710 may be priced around 30k and 800 around 40k.. BTW N9 was launched at 50k and I may think that Lumia 800 may also be around that value.