Nokia n91 vs 6120?

Arite..i want to get rid of my d830 and get a new phone prfbly a nokia... i;ve narrowed it down to Either n91 or 6120.. i;ve had my heart set on the n91 for a long time,, even though its outdated , bulky and not to mention hard to find.. this phone totally stands out...just like my d830 when it was new. Some of you might tell me to go for a n73 which i wont because i see this phone with every 2nd guy i know.. kinda common.. I also like the 6120.. good smart phone..value for money but doesnt have wlan like the n91.. Although these phones are generations apart, n91 still costs 20k and the 6120 rnd abt 15k.. both phones ahve their + points but i would like to hear from members with more insight , which one stands out.. i wouldnt mind another recommendation as long as its rnd abt 21k.. and not a n73 :D..btw i love flips and would love to know abt any i dont know of just as sesky as my d830 . tnx :)

the new samsung i450?

i450 is nice, but reviewers have complained abt its keypad.. poor key feedback!

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i450 is nice, but reviewers have complained abt its keypad… poor key feedback!

i had a hands on with it and i didn’t feel anything like that

n91 well imo is too much of price. 6120 is really good and best bargain but n91 is expensive for what it is! never liked it except the 3.5mm port. believe me don't buy it. get something else like n80 (well its bulky). think of some other but n91 nah. better spend money on something good. do you really want 3.5 mm port? then i will only suggest the cellphones with 3.5mm port. so?

yeah 3.5mm would be nice