Nokia N900.... 6 Months Warranty Left (Mobilezone)

Since i am new to this forum, lots of people may not trust me, but i am popular at pakgamers, you can see my thread there too.

I have been using the Nokia N900 (Nokia's Top of the line Phone) since last 6months.

Its a Tablet Pc with phone, and is running Linux Based Open Source Maemo OS.

I am dual booting it though, with Android Froyo 2.2.1

It can Run, Windows 95, 98, Ubuntu, Android, Webos(Preenv)

5MP Carl Zeis, 32gb Internal Storage, Fm Transmitter, Fully Functional Firefox, with Native Flash support.

The only Nokia phone That can Overclock to 1.2 Ghz, from stock 600MHZ,

Runs PlayStation1 games, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, Gameboy advance, Sega 64... Off course all the Android based Games too.

Note: Runs PS games when overclocked slightly. Overclocking is piece of cake, very easy.

Condition: 9/10

Price: 28k(Slightly Negotiable) (New at 37.5K MZ)

Warranty Status: 6Months Left, MobileZone (Pics Below)

One last thing, This is wikipedia edition, Having 10Gb of wikipedia installed

Contact: PM or 03133696694

Reason of selling?


Bought iphone 4g...