NOKIA is back in the game (did it ever got out in the first place?)

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I felt that this thing deserved a thread of it's own, so here it is.
P.S. Nokia FTW! B)

Nokia was and is never dead, they just make wrong choices in the wrong times. they were at times one of the world top mobile phone selling companies.

i think latest nokia devices with android OS and cutting there way from Microsoft, they can achieve their market back at least in Asia in short period of time.

The Competition is tough for them but i am sure with their current forward thinking they will achieve their fair share in the market again.

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I have a new b!tch now and it is not called nokia ;)

P.S. admins, seriously masking "bad" words what the #$%#?

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I have a new b!tch now and it is not called nokia ;)

P.S. admins, seriously masking “bad” words what the #$%#?

You mask bad words. Do you want them to mask good words instead?

Also, English is a very versatile language - you don’t necessarily have to restrict your vocabulary to make your point across ;)

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<strong>Nokia is licensing its brand to Foxconn for the N1 tablet</strong>
18 November, 2014 | Comments (72) | Post your comment

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Earlier today Nokia (the 'old' Nokia, the part that wasn't sold to Microsoft) announced its first ever Android tablet, the N1.

As it turns out, however, that product will be made by Foxconn, and Nokia is merely licensing its name to be used here. We should apparently expect more such deals in the future, but there's a twist.


Unlike Polaroid or Kodak, who have been doing this name licensing thing for many years now, Nokia will employ some strict quality controls for any device that anyone wants to make and sell under the Nokia brand. This started with the N1, actually.

Aside from the brand, Nokia contributed the design too - and Foxconn will be paying it royalties for both the name and the design. And just like the N1, all upcoming devices bearing the Nokia brand should look and feel as good as if they were built by Nokia itself.

That said, the company doesn't plan on getting back into the gadget making business, it will just select high quality products worthy of its name, which will be produced, marketed and sold by others (Foxconn, in the case of the N1 tablet).



Ahh, now that is some high grade rebranding. :P But i don't mind really, as long as Nokia is keeping their quality control in check, their devices should be sturdy enough to use as sports equipment. ;)

Really excited that Nokia is back. But really disappointed as well that they have totally ripped off iPad mini. Even the website is a total rip off of the Apple website.

It would be great if Nokia comes back with its own OS for smartphones

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<strong>Nokia C1 is the company's first post-Microsoft Android phone</strong>
22 December, 2014 | Comments (76) | Post your comment

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Following the announcement of the Nokia N1, the company's first Android tablet after the Microsoft deal, now we hear the Finns are working on a phone running Google's mobile OS. The phone is dubbed simply C1 and an alleged product shot of it popped up.


Alongside it, there's also a rumored spec sheet, which includes an Intel-made chipset with 2GB RAM. The Nokia C1 would sport a 5" display, probably of 720p resolution, and have 32GB of storage. At the back, there is believed to be an 8MP camera joined by a 5MP one at the front.

The Nokia C1 will launch with Android 5.0 Lollipop garnished with Nokia's Z Launcher, just like the N1 tablet. It will be manufactured by Foxconn, since Nokia is prohibited from manufacturing devices until 2016 as per its acquisition contract with Microsoft.

There's no information regarding availability just yet. We suspect Nokia will announce the phone in the first quarter of 2015, but we're yet to see and hear more about the C1.

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Lookie lookie what we have here. This phone would be a dream come true to a lot of Nokia fans who wanted a Nokia with Android OS (the X series was heavily modified). Even though it's not actually manufactured by Nokia (Nokia is pretty much playing the Qmobile game on a bigger scale here, y'know, rebranding stuff for expanded sales under the name of brand value). But really, as long as they're supervising the manufacturing process and they're keeping their quality control in check then we can only expect greatness from them.

I for one am having to see Nokia living on, even though if not on the most desirable terms. Maybe once the contract is over (2016), we'll see some traditional Nokia phones built by themselves again.

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<strong>Nokia N1's impressive run continues, new batch sold out</strong>
15 January, 2015 | Comments (29) | Post your comment

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Last week, when the Nokia N1 tablet went on sale in China, the first batch of 20,000 units sold out inonly 4 minutes. The second batch went on sale today and it too sold out in minutes.


Although there’s no word on the number of units that were up for grabs, the flash sale lasted longer this time around, the report notes. As clear from the snapshot above, the third batch is set to arrive on January 22, with registration opening tomorrow.

The Nokia N1 sports a 7.9-inch 2,048x1,536 touchscreen display and is powered by Intel's Atom Z3580 SoC, which comes with a 2.3 GHz quad-core CPU. It features an 8 MP main camera, a 5 MP secondary snapper, and packs in a 5,300 mAh battery. The tablet comes with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, and runs Android 5.0 Lollipop.



It seems we'll be seeing more tablets from Nokia soon, probably in more regions next time. I think these things have a lot higher success rate in Indo-Pak, people here are still hell-bent over Nokia brand name.

It seems it’s finally gonna happen… Not sure whether to care at this point though… It’s been a decade since Nokia was relevant. In any case, I’ll wait for the launch of these devices BEFORE judging them. They might live upto the hype, who knows…

Fingers crossed. :grinning:

Nokia is officially back in the game!

That’s a pretty decent mid range device. I believe higher end models could be extremely desirable.

New nokia mobile which is powered by android system is soon going to launch all over the world

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I always loved NOKIA, N95 was my jan, I will surely buy this new onw:heart_eyes:



This is an icon? :astonished:


In the < $250 price point, the recently announced Nokia 3, 5 and 6 have a distinct feature: “pure” android. I know that many of us are swayed by the vendor-specific UIs but the advantage of receiving regular security and performance updates directly from Google is unbeatable. This is also important as the new Nexus phones are getting very expensive. I believe that the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 will not be bundled with uninstallable crapware which is the case with most of the brands. What do fellow WPers think?

Personally, I love this approach. This might be just the thing to shake up enough sales for Nokia. While leading brand flagships have their own charm, they are not very well suited to people who keep their sets for couple years instead of changing them each year due to the expense and extra profit commanded by the brand name.

From what I have gathered, the Nokia 6 series is an upper end option in mid-tier phones. Correct me if I am wrong.

While the Nokia brand commanded good recognition in the past, they must not make the mistakes that HTC are making by pricing their sets too high based on lost brand recognition. Lower prices sets would help them penetrate the market because the value proposition on higher end sets is lacking. Xiaomi would also offer tough competition in the Pakistani market depending on what lineup they offer and at what price.

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From what I have gathered, the Nokia 6 series is an upper end option in mid-tier phones. Correct me if I am wrong.[/quote]

You are right. Here is a comparison of the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 which will sell for around USD 150, 200 and 240, respectively.

Yes, Xiaomi is already recognized for its design and elegance with only three or four sets available in Pakistan, and I understand that it is becoming popular with the young urban crowd here. There were, however, reports about some serious security issues with Xiaomi phones last year. (For example: ). I am not sure if they are interested in closing backdoors and fixing other security issues. I hope that all major android players start offering “pure” android and let users choose a UI and dialer of their liking.