Nokia C7 V/S N8

I want to buy one of these two.which one in new model,i have googled them found the N8 is higher in price than c7,is N8 newer model than C7.

are you sure you still want to waste money on Nokia?

You get significantly better android phones in almost half the price.

Brother will you please tell some brands of android phones price range between 25k to 30k.tnx

Nokia has gone down the drain, they stuck with symbian for too long

Well dear, if you know how to check a used phone, get yourself Samsung i9000. It will cost you around 23k from what i saw in different posts on the forum.

go through

they list prices of new phones and they are almost always accurate.

However, forget about warranty. Things have changed. Warranty is practically a gimmick these days.

If you are going to keep the phone you shall buy, get a new/unused phone. It will carry its bells and whistles.

If you are going to change your phone after a few months, consider buying a used phone as it will not suffer a lot of price depriciation.