Nokia and Microsoft partnership

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Nokia has joined forces with Microsoft in an attempt to regain ground lost to the iPhone and Android-based devices.

The deal will see Nokia use the Windows phone operating system for its smartphones, the company said.

It means that Nokia’s existing operating systems will be sidelined.

Speaking at the launch of the partnership, Nokia’s chief executive Stephen Elop revealed that there would be “substantial” job losses as a result of the tie-up.

Nokia will remain “first and foremost…a Finnish company. Finland is our home and will remain our home,” he said.


So this will be the last nail in Nokia's Coffin ?

At least I wouldn't ever want to see Windows on my mobile, we see it enough at our work.

But atleast its a reasonable move because Symbian was not perfoming well

Lets hope nokia fills up the mid-range category of wm7 handsets. When shall we expect to see the results of this deal amongst us?

Next year?? Or end of this year maybe?

I don't get the fact, I didn't ever. Symbian was never like people thought about it and had made up their mind about it. It was just spam information spread around and Most.... Most of the people were influenced.

Don't talk about S60v5 devices, I never liked them when had them in hand. It was a big mistake by Nokia to launch those touch screen devices. But that doesn't make a platform crap.

In fact Symbian is the only OS till now with which a developer could do what ever in a platform he could do. And the Symbian was giving every thing since years back which today's smartphones have just started to give out.

Only the modern UI made people think that Symbian is not that good. But that doesn't make Symbian a bad platform. A Smartphone isn't the UI only, it's the features and hardware that makes a phone smarter. And Symbian has been giving all current features from all of the devices for a very long time, which people just had ignored. Don't know how.

I just have a line for the current situation. "Poor Nokia(a Non-American company) just got trapped into the American spam and Elop just was successful to bring down Nokia (A worldwide giant manufacturer) in real". This would be the best era for Americans now to get Nokia down.

I know many would be thinking that why I say about and favor Symbian so much even after this new reality, I can't change that. I don't know who joins me in this and who doesn't. But I mostly have seen incorrect facts and figures or shown in an inaccurate way and I saw most people follow those news/facts and accept the incorrectness.

Any ways. I never bought a Windows Phone. Afraid that I won't in future as well. But of course you shouldn't lock the doors forever so that you could not cross it ever again. So I'll see how much better or worse Nokia will go on this.

Of course Microsoft is gonna get a bigger benefit from this partnership but not Nokia. Again IMO, Elop just vanished the Nokia's exclusiveness.

I personally won't wish that. Hope they would get, for what they went into this partnership.

PS: It's not about a good or a bad platform. It's about the American market. And I am afraid, Nokia has risked its global market only to get into America...


Have you read Elop's memo about two days ago? If not read that. It was a epic memo and he dared to describe the situation of Nokia pretty well.

Depsite all the prowess of Symbian the reality is Nokia has lost and losing its Market share very fast to IPhone and Androids.

IPhone was launched in 2007 and in four years Nokia couldnt get his position back in Elite category of Smartphones. In just two years it has lost its Leadership in Mid Range phones to Androids.

Nokia fears that it will loose the battle in the Middle East and Africa region too if the sub 100-150 USD Android phones get launch which are launching very fast.

^ Yep I have looked through that memo as I am well active on twitter. I didn't deny that. But I deny the facts around. And I don't accept the capability of Elop being a CEO (no comment on that)

Saying "the facts and figures around" for a long time in last year, I exactly meant the market shares of Symbian, Android, and iPhone. If you read the recent report by Gartners, you will find that was pretty much same to the time when other manufacturers left Symbian and adopted Android.

I don't know why people made this fact a base to say that a Symbian is diving down. Come'on; it's simple that most of the mobile phone users (around the world) would want to live with the brand, they hardly know about the platforms and operating systems. How much do you think the users (like we) are, of course a few if compare to the layman users. They would probably not leave the brand and will not switch to another. That makes it even simpler that Symbian didn't lose the grip. It's the manufacturers who took their customers with them which automatically shifted their user base to Android. That's what made the Android(with a lot of manufacturers) almost nearer to Symbian(with only Nokia). And of course the news like about share loss of Symbian and blah blah blah were well formed to destroy Nokia's share. People do get influenced by these words of news.

Reading and evaluating facts are much different in nature.

Android, no doubt, is a great platform comparing to all but that doesn't make Symbian lesser (to me atleast).

And about iPhone, well I never compared iPhone to any other platform. It's just one man show. Believe me if there was nothing in iPhone, even then Apple would have the same user base for it. Remember the iPhone 1st generation which even didn't have MMS support? Even then it was the best seller ever in America by Apple and people were satisfied with it. errrrr! how could they. Only a few techies bashed about that.

I'll again put my point of view for this whole situation that it's not the war of devices. It's only to gain American market from where the Americans just kicked Nokia off and preferred to favor their own manufacturers. And I am afraid Nokia will still have a hard time to get into there even if Nokia had planned to adopt Android.

It was all clear in the memo as well as Elop mentioned a lot of times in today's press conference. He just was willing to get into the Great United States...

I am just concerned with my attitude. This is all what I believe and I am just a user and will buy what I feel comfortable. For me it's not a good shift. It's also simple to tell that why Nokia might dive even more with this strategy because if I want a Windows Phone, I'll have a lot of options to choose from and not only Nokia. e.g HTC was with Windows Mobile for a long time and now with Windows Phone as well. They have a better experience with Windows Phones.

Any ways.. what I can say.

The end of an era, Nokia affected by a virus.


I can see how a Die Hard Symbian lover you are.. but I disagree with most of your arguments and I can argue over them but I will not.

Human psychology is such that it needs change. Years of putting the same OS in modified casings / housings will naturally make people look for some change.

Then Apple + Android came in and hit the problem on the nose. Result: they snatched much of the sahre from Nokia and Blackberry.

Nothing is for ever, no matter what you and me have on our wish lists.

When there will be something better than today's smart phones, I will not hesitate to switch.

Technology is there to benifit from. Whosoever is innovative will win. So please consider a change....

Finally, Nokia was not the inventor of the Mobile Phone.

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but I disagree with most of your arguments and I can argue over them but I will not.

You should do argue actually if you disagree. Believe me I’ll not take this any longer.

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I can see how a Die Hard Symbian lover you are

In that case I am a lover of Android too, may be? not to mention but I always like to try clearing my side well and I do have Nexus One and Desire as well and I know about them very well but there is nothing to tell about them as every one is comfortable with Android. Speaking for Symbian will make many uncomfortable, I knew it but that wasn’t meant to disrespect any individual’s likings. Lastly, I’ve been a fan of NOT a single platform nor a single device ever.

And BTW It’s true that Change in a Life is a must-have thing but I guess it doesn’t have to do any thing with that. However it can be apply on any issue.

I agree Nokia should have bring something new, just like a change with N900. They ship like more than 2 dozen phone a year with the same old OS. Why not make 4 phones per year with different price ranges and a new OS each time? I mean iphone and android are a success, learn from the fact why they are - a good UI. I am a nokia fan but if someday iphone or android launch something in a <25K range i would switch. Nokia needs a change or should i say Symbian need to be changed.

All about for apple

All this discussion and no one answered my simple question.

what about the people who donot like the touch phones and still want multi tasking and applications. Donot you think that Stephen Elop is a torjan horse and who has affected nokia badly, Elop is 7 th big invester in microsoft. Sorry for intel who is now alone in MeeGo ecosystem.

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Nokia needs a change or should i say Symbian need to be changed.

only the UI was a problem with us. As an engineer point of view Symbian could not be changed in much interactive way that a touchscreen phone may need. But Qt framework, later, changed the perspective that Symbian got changed much in interaction but not that much. There were also integration issues at some places. The thing, that’s important, was the urgency. For which CEO did not only dumped Symbian but also the MeeGo as well.


MeeGo of course is not an ecosystem yet so far. That’s why Elop went for Windows Phone. According to him, there are only 3 ecosystems, iOS userbase, Android and now Windows Phone’s ecosystem.

Yeah sad feelings for Intel.

Why I am favoring Symbian is just for that Elop treated with it as a step child for his new marriage with Microsoft (with x-wife actually).

Where’s the innovation went now? Innovation with Windows Phones?


Nokia adopted Windows Phone OS as its primary Platform. You can hope for the NokMsft devices soon if not only limitted to US. They have been working already on it for months. CEO mentioned that transition will take some time from Symbian to Windows phones but a new windows phone device may ship this year even before a MeeGo one.

Any idea what effect will be on the prices of second hand symbian phones?

^ I guess Nokia phones were always like drop in prices, the reason being alot of new phones get ready to release or some get no demand.

Also the used phones always had a big drop in price in respect of new ones. Nokia Windows phones may effect this a little though, not much I guess.

The reason is that elop proves that he is black sheep,a infected virus which nokia hasnt any anti virus to deal with it. News is cming that Jormi,olli pekala chairman of nokia and former CEO(WHo was responsible for massive success of nokia in 20years) has left the company after this deal. while a celebration on the microsoft side.Steve ballmer dream of acquiring nokia is near and by the end of 2012 microsoft will get reign over nokia and elop will remain the ceo of mobile divison.


Whole Europe is lambasting stephen elop 5000 people will be sack from their jobs.


I kind of agree with inspiredidea here. Basically what Microsoft is doing is that they are taking control of Nokia without even having any shareholding. They are turning it into their launching pad for Windows Phone 7. This is going to be a doom for Nokia. I hope Nokia does not shift its focus from the strong position they have in low end and middle end market.

These days, whenever someone wants to buy a low end or middle end mobile phone, first thing that comes to their mind is a Nokia phone. Only problem with Symbian was the UI, otherwise its a very capable platform. A better solution would have been to adopt both Android / Windows Phone 7 as the OS for top tier smartphones in a phased manner and continue using Symbian for middle end phones. But from the way things are looking Nokia is going to drop using Symbian totally and also fire a lot of people associated with it.

By the way, this is a favourite quick fix solution of American CEOs. Just get rid of the people. When in my opinion, the salary costs are not even a "substantial" portion of the total company expenses and expenses can easily be reduced by other methods. Just my two cents.

First what microsoft planned, they destroyed MeeGo, an open source platform which was gaining momentum, at the other hand it is bad for intel, they are making a smartphone processor, medfield, but now who will use MeeGo and medfield.