Nokia 5800....HELP

Yesterday,i was updating my nokia 5800 through nokia software updater,suddenly,during updating,the software updater said that connection to 5800 had lost :( my mobile is not displaying any thing and when i switch it on,it vibrates for 2-3 minutes and then turns off.. please help me and tell me that what should i do in this case,i want to tell that my battery was charged and there was no problem with my usb cable..please helpppppppp

Change the battery

doesnt work..

You've damaged your phone's firmware, now you gotta take it to a mobile repair shop, and ask them to flash it, don't worry though, it wont cost much.

should i take it to local shop or nokia care centre ?

Its up to you, but they charge alot..

Also plz keep your sim away from everyone otherwise they may copy numbers and start crank calling everyone on that sim. Flashing doesnt take alot of time so make sure they fix it in front of you otherwise they can copy messages on the phone..

dude thnxx.. i wanna know that is my mobile dead ?

nope its can be saved. a kiss from the dukan wala can surely wake up the sleeping 5800


@shahoo: Do tell us what happens. I think Nokia Service Center will be able to fix it, I'm not sure but I think I read it somewhere.

Shopkeepers can fix PSP firmware problems too (it requires something called a Pandora battery), here the device and everything is completely different but I think firmware problems can be fixed if you have the equipment.

@Shahoo: Hey did you try the same procedure again, i mean your firmware up-gradation via nokia software updater...

actually i met this issue few months ago, i was also upgrading my Nokia E71 when this damn error appears, i just repeated the whole procedure but with the charging input this time.

so indeed i had a working Nokia E71 in ma palm. :)

try it, may it will help u , n in the case it wont then u have better other options like nokia care center or local shopkeepers who fix these things.

Have you tried switching it on after removing the memory card?