Nokia 5530 firmware prob

i was updating my phone from the sw update option in my phone, i had connected the charger to the phone, after the update was complete, it said restarting phone after that the screen remained blank for an hour, and then i unplugged the charger..the light in the screen turned off, i switched on the phone, the software has been updated but the screen display has changed...low quality colours..please help, what to do!

Upgrade it using PC Suite with Software Updater.

^ prob. Fixed..thanks alot!

@KA: is there any diff. In updating my phone from pc or phone itself? The update my pc downloaded was 140mb in size whereas the update my phone downloaded was only 9mb in size?

^Via FOTA, due to bandwidth and other restrictions on the handset, it normally ships updated, changed or added code only; not the entire firmware package.