Nokia 5130 xpress music Micro sd card Problem!

Hi there

I have got a Nokia 5130 Xpress music. My problem is that when i set a password on my MICRO SD 2 GB CARD in my cell phone it sets, but when i click on the memory card option it does not prompt or ask me for the password to enter and it goes through the files inside the memory card without asking for the password. please guide me whats happening? why is my memory card is not asking for the password even if i have set it.

Thanks indeed.

Thats because you set the password in your cellphone file manager. for windows you will have to use a file encryption software which will set a password.


With only a "hope" you are asking him to completely erase his all data?? doesn't seem good i think. but that's a nice trick though.


NEOCLUE your suggestion worked, highly appreciated! thanx indeed


It was never a problem. Locking a memory card was meant to restrict the miss use of the memory card when not with the owner of it.

When you set a password on the memory card. The phone you use to set password, keeps it saved in itself to help you not give the password again and again. You will only be prompted to enter password when you use this memory card in some other phone. And as well in other phone when you give the password once it saves in it as well and then you will not be asked to enter the password in that phone too.

The trick told above actually removes the password (which was stored on the phone) while removing and restoring all the factory settings on the phone. That makes the phone forget the memory card and treat it as unkown. That's how the phone asks for the password to enter.

And the trick is only good enough till this stage. Now after giving the password, it again gets stored on the phone and will not be asked next time.. I am not sure how would he manage this again to use this trick repeatedly...


if you have a problem try after formatting your card