Noise Cancelling Headphone Shootout Sennheiser vs Beats vs Bose vs Sony vs Denon

that is considerable noise reduction, Earphone are more good at it rather than the over the ear headphones as mentioned here

Sennheiser ftw!

specially the MM 450

Don't know why but I think Sennheiser are simply overpriced and overrated. Its just my opinion though, but a 1.5 Lakh price for a #$%^%$# headphone, errr, no thanks :D..

That's probably why such videos are made :D

one thing i have noticed about headphones... the more expensive they are... the BETTER they actually are... i have a senheiser hd598 which is the only true audiophile headphone that i possess... but it is 22k and not even mid ranged... the mid ranged would be the likes of sennheiser hd 650, dennon d2000 or an ultrasone pro 900... but they would cost near 50k each and would be better than the hd598.... then there would be sennheiser hd800 which is available in pakistan now for 1.35 lakh or something(with out a proper amp available anywhere in pakistan... cheetay hay pakistani) on and even though it is insanely priced.. it would sound better than the midranged hd650... sad but true... money does buy quality...

50 K for a headphone? some people are seriously loaded.

I can build you an SLI RIG in that amount mate :P (2 GTX 570's)

NOw you decide, you want a RIG that will blow everything away you've seen or played, or you want to hear just an incremental improvement in sound quality (even that is questionable, all processed digital sound is still 16 bit 44Khz). Unless we make the jump to true 24bit or 32bit 96Khz, spending so much on a so called "High Quality" headphones is not justifiable, unless one has simply money to burn and nowhere to spend it on :P