No recomendation for EL-888 FTA+

guys I am having series of problems with Echolink EL-888 FTA receiver therefore I am posting this warning message about this model.

First it hanged on first use and didn't work.

When I replaced it with new one then after one day of use every channel blacked-out with one message 'No Signal'.

I am considering to replace it again with a different model.

ahmadnaveed, why didn't you opt for a regular cable connection? isn't satellite tv costly?

i've heard you need to pay to view channels like AXN,Discovery,NatGeo,History etc which happen to be my favourite. Unless you use patches/cracks??

You are right AbbasJin. Cable is cheaper than Direct SAT in case of paid channels.

It mainly depends on your requirements. My requirement is mainly NEWS channels independent of any pemra-bazi. And they are all free to air. Only one time expense i.e., 2500(receiver)+3000(dish&lnb)=5500 it becomes two years of cable subscription.

But again if you want whole Star Package, HBO AXN etc then cable is the most cost effective solution.

For your interest I am giving below the list of channels available to me with the help of one receiver + two dishes. Categorized in Pakistan-India-Foreign. They become more than 80. And good thing is they are MPEG quality with Stereo CD Sound. No quality compromise on video or sound. No Pemra. No cable power outage.

Only one main threat to this setup is Wateen's Wimax frequency conflict.



GEO Super

GEO News


ARY Asia

ARY One World

The Musik



Dawn News (English)

Express News

Waqt News

Royal News


One News


Digital Manchester (urdu)

DM Islam


PTV UK (Global)

PTV News

PTV Home

PTV National

AVT Khyber (Pashtoon)

Waseb (Saraiki)

Al-Noor (Islamic)

Peace TV (English)



B4U Music

B4U Movies (require CAS code after every few months)

Zee Smile

Zee Music

Star Utsav (2 year old star plus programs) (with EPG)

India TV

DD National (Door Darshan)

DD News

DD Bharti

DD Sports

Sahara National

Sahara Mumbai

Sahara NCR

Sahara UP

Sahara Bihar

Sahara MP

Sahara Alami


XingKong (English chinese mix)

Chanel V (English chinese mix)

Al-Jazeera (English)

Voice of America

Duetch-Wele (English German mix) (with Text & EPG)

TV-5 France (French)

Russia Today (English)

Chanel News Asia (English)

Arirang Korea (English)

CCTV China (english)

Japan (English)



and many chinese channels

they are all FTA channels,good channels like NatGeo , AXN are all on paid subscription,one have to buy STAR decorder for that but its subscription is too expensive and INDIAN DTH system is illegal in pakistan and its no good to pay them from here by your credit card as all the info is transferred to them and they can easily sue you .. so the best option would be dreambox decoder and ccam card sharing you can get every channel through it (but to find a cardsharing server you have to google alot ) as i am enjoyin STAR , multichoice , dialigtv package on a this.

dreambox + sharing server is the best at the moment for all good pay packages. I know people who are engaged with cardsharing server.

yeh it is but can't beg those cardsharing server holders all the time,you ill have to give something in return .. getting me right?