No Connection Detected?

just the day before eid,I got local cable net but the connection was not made on because they said that after connecting cable (they had given to me),I have to give them my IP ADDRESS so that the can register that on their server computer!!!unfortunately they themselves couldnt do all that stuff because my monitor got out of order...when monitor bacame ok,I inserted the cable into LAN slot then I noticed two icons(having a symbol of no connectivity) on the taskbar..when i clicked them,they gave me the REQUIRED IP ADDRESS!!!but when i called the cable operator to gve them the address,he had gone to home on eid holidays....

now in he evening today,I am seeing the two icons but they giving me the message of ACQUIRING NETWORK ADDRESS...and giving me no IP ADDRESS as it gave me before...why???what should I do??

sa far I think,there must be some time duration for registering the ip addres..after that the connection might fails!!!

the cable crew are still on holidays..i guess they will open tomorrow!!!!!

Well i think they have to do some settings on their end before you can start using your connection.

Probably their server is down.

I had asked about the extended settings and they said me the same which i worked out but now it isnt!!!

i ll ask them tomorrow if tehy are open!!!

well that error normally occurs when the PC cant connect with the dhcp server

it has become ok!!!!the server was down....