No CNN on any cable/satellite channel in Pakistan?

Hi all

There seems to be some problem regarding the broadcast of CNN in Pakistan. While BBC is under government's ire for broadcasting a controversial documentary against Pakistan, and there seems to be an unofficial ban on it - there is no such ban on CNN.

I have a WorldCall connection at home and a satellite connection at my workplace but there is no CNN on both. On WorldCall, CNN has been off and on air erratically for the past many months - the WorldCall guys say its blocked by the Govt. But then, how am I not getting it directly on satellite receiver? The satellite dish/receiver guy says there must be some problem at the satellite end.

What I would like to know from forum members is that are they facing the same problem? Is it something nationwide? Does anyone know why can't we see CNN even from satellite directly? I feel that it is highly unlikely that there is some problem from CNN's end.

Would appreciate input


I Think CNN is available at DishTV India Package

From which satellite you were getting CNN? AFAIK theres no ban CNN and its avaiable in Capital city on all platforms i.e cable, smart tv and dwn.

cnn is also available in karachi on most major cable networks

Working for me for more then 3yrs now on PTCL Smart-TV. In Lahore.

CNN is NOT available on Karachi Worldcall

I don't know about the cable operators but on satellite both cnn and bbc are running fine. cnn is running fine on hotbird so i guess there is no issue here regarding satellite.