No.1 pakistani website hosting!features like paid hosting:!

Hi i have created a free hosting just 4 u friends its totally free & BEST hosting ever!

& it will remain FOREVER!

I am offering:..

250 MB disk space (now 300mb disk space!)*

6 GB Monthly transfer

5 MySQL databases

5 Add-on domains

5 Sub domains

Vista Panel

PHP Flags manager

Automatic installer (33 scripts)

FTP account

File manager (browser upload)

Web mail

POP email accounts

Password protected folders

Php MyAdmin

Clustered servers

no ads!


*special limited time offer* now i will index your site on search engines myself so you don,t need to wait any more....more then 9 search engines submitions free but only if you use my web host!After the submition the url of search engines will be given to you so you will check & see!


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Considering that the host doesn't even has his own domain name.... :/

May I suggest ?

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Considering that the host doesn’t even has his own domain name… :confused:

Hey! i have 152 registered user on my host gives me my own domain with full name servers support!

they also offers paid domains just like is not free it costs $35,000 i have checked but the long name is free or its also free!

& if abbas thinks it should be then i don,t cares! because the hosting itself is good you will get most & most best services which you can,t find on any other host. & if you find some other hosts like my then backup your data from them because they can close a any time like but i garentee that my web host will remain forever!!!

& some hosts closes suddenly so there member never gets the time for backup of thier data.

I recommand you all to use!

currently it is not indexed by google ,but i have submited it to many web hosts list directory,s.

can you tell me.. do you have the root access. because where i know is playing is with kids over internet. secondly where i know! you can not use .htacess on your hosting system. is it right? no configure allowed. 404 error moves to their advertising system. i think the worst Free Web hosting service on internet "" would be better than your hosting services.

i'll suggest you don't kill your time, you will not get even a single credit or money for all these things. go and find some right place. or if you are really interested in starting hosting business, then arrange some money get your own server and start selling. :D

No,i have not created for earning money only i have created only just 4 helping peoples & did you know i have my own vista cpanel where i can control all things & i can also put ads on my web host users but i will not do this. & Slave i am using web hosting script.! on website!!!!

i have given free account to many users and as a promise my host will never shut down without any proper reason:).

& i have two cpanels 1 for my site & other for my own web host both are the same!

& i can configure it in anyway & any design i like i have full control over this hosting.I read & reply the support tickets you submits!

Slave thanks for can use your own domain name too. , & my all are using the same script !

but deletes there users account without any reason & notice & looks nice but it is not better then my .

opsss:P you missed one more

okay then do one things. If you have the access to the root. Change the default index page. when user singup and script create an account

@ sining up the account

Thanks dude, i've enough space and resouces on a server. That i don't need a free hosting account.

Ok,why not? just give me html code ! then i will set it as default index.html so it will be displayed when everyone registers.

but can you plz refer peoples to my website?

I have created it not for my fun because i am not too much interested in creating free host. i like creating website not freehost!

& plz slave can you please give me a free template.for my online games website?

& also i will place a link back to your site,if you wants !

Thanks slave if you don,t want to create then just give me the link of the free template for online games site,so i can download it.

it should be attractive!

Thanks dear bro. slave.

& slave I also have access to customers Cpanel control panel to help them if they face any problem,but to make my web host trusted i never do that without any serious reason now if you don,t belive me then with your permission i have a simple html template , so with your permission can i upload it to your index.html file !



Number 1 Pakistan Website for Hosting?? :)

@Asmar whatever dude - things you say don't seem to add up - it is more like ad for PPC

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Considering that the host doesn’t even has his own domain name… :confused:
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May I suggest ?

becharay ka dil dukhe ga…=(

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Number 1 Pakistan Website for Hosting??

Point to be noted…

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becharay ka dil dukhe ga…=(

Point to be noted…


I am receiving 100s of registrations per day ! & i am sure you will not believe it! & i respect my members so i will not place their sites link here!:)

look at this guy. the owner of the host was looking for free hosting on 000webhost, Asmar where are you from ?

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look at this guy. the owner of the host was looking for free hosting on 000webhost, Asmar where are you from ?

Hey! on my host i am offering 300mb disk space but on 000webhost they give 1500mb disk space & 100gb bandwich.Now check & compare it to 000webhost then u will laugh (i guess):D