Night Shift Jobs

I got a new job at an IT company whose timings are 6PM to 2:30AM. (Can go upto 4AM)

Now I do normally stay awake at that time, but then I think about my family, they all gather at 6PM and by that time I am in the company working. But on the other hand they have really good projects, and its a good "Dhabba"/Stamp on my CV.

So here's my question:

What do you guys feel about Night shift jobs?

Is it really worth it with the kind of projects that are at your disposal?

Do you think you can be fully rested mentally and physically?

You could see your working siblings and friends only twice a week, Is that OK?

I guess if I were living alone in a city then maybe I wouldn't have bothered thinking about it.

I know a few friends who do night shift jobs...say goodbye to your social life...because when everyone is getting home from work/college you will be getting ready to go to office...

as far being fresh is concerned I think once you get the hang of it, it shouldn't be a problem...

but one thing I have noticed of these kinds of 'night shift' companies....their staff turn over is high...I don't know anyone who works one of these who is not always on the lookout for a daytime job...

and unless it's a callcenter I don't see why a company would even need to have their back end resources to be awake as the same time as their clients....

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What do you guys feel about Night shift jobs?

Is it really worth it with the kind of projects that are at your disposal?

Do you think you can be fully rested mentally and physically?

You could see your working siblings and friends only twice a week, Is that OK?


Personally I have worked from home at telecommuting jobs that start at night.

One of my major concerns all this while has been the impacts on health. It’s perhaps not scientifically proven (or maybe it is) but your hormonal balance goes haywire when you start working at nights. I have always been a night person myself as there are less distractions. But despite so many years, my ‘biological clock’ hasn’t adjusted. Some would argue that when you start being awake at nights and start sleeping at mornings, it would just be normal. I tend to disagree! It’s not normal. You cannot get quality sleep in lack of total darkness in your room. Similarly, there have been clues about how natural light (sun light) can make you feel more ‘awake’ and trigger production of certain hormones. From my personal experience, I can safely say that you will be way more healthy if you even sleep at 12 than if you sleep at 4.

Similarly, getting out of touch of your family and siblings is an issue but you can keep up, perhaps, at social networking websites if it’s only for few months.

You may stay at the job for a few months if the projects are really worth it, and if the experience will REALLY help your career. But that’s for you to judge.

As long as it pays good..then nothing else matters...


When you come to our level/age, you will surely eat those words.

In your early career, you don't strive to get money, you strive to get promoted and get to a higher platform/designation. The only way to climb up is to gain experience and learn as many skills as possible. The more the skills you have, the more you can convince your seniors/executives that you can be the team leader and manager. Once there, you could go for masters and come back as an executive or become a CEO of your own company.

The company I am currently applying to is not just offering a handsome package but it is also giving some solid work as well.

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The company I am currently applying to is not just offering a handsome package but it is also giving some solid work as well.

I’ll suggest you to take it. Unless you are kind of a guy who need to be out with friends in evening (around 8 PM) and must “measure” roads. If you are not that kind of guy then get the job.

It will be period of your life where you’ll be little bit cut off from your family and friends but consider it that its a mix between being in foreign country but still living in Pakistan with family and meeting them on weekends.

In foreign country, you are totally cut off from your family and friend and do hard laborious jobs with overtime. But in Pakistan, you do normal day job with less challenging work but low pay too.

This job will be cross between these two. And of course, you are not going to do it for your rest of your life. So do it, you’ll remember this part of your life when you’ll be at 60 :)

There might be times when you might get bit depressed about being out there in late night at this job. But try to think from another aspect, it will be “adventure” experience too :)

In the late night (after mid night) the whole city turned into totally different place. Even though, you can recognize the roads and everything but they have very different feeling in them. I can’t describe it in words, you’ll start to recognize it when you’ll experience it.

I had my experience as once I had a job in a daily newspaper.

If you are comparing night shift jobs to normal daytime jobs then I wont ever go for night shifts...However, it depends on your priorities.

Night shifts are simply disturbing but again, as you said that salary package is handsome and work is also solid then you can definitely take a plunge..

I am gonna do graphic designing and i think its a appropriate job which fix in night shifts.

i am a freelance web developer / 3d animator and i work from 12-1 am to 10-11 am of morning and i am following this routine for almost 3-4 years now :) in start it feels very disturbing you may suffer common problems like head ache , pain in eyes , fingers etc etc but soon you will get used to that , and now i feel i am living in much better world than my other friends who have to wakeup early in the morning like 7 am to 8 am , beside that there are some other great advantages of working at night like no disturbing noise pollutions , calm and silent environment etc etc .....

Well i love night life!

I'm up at this hour.

Well they have called me for finalization with the HR. I guess I have to try it at least. Although the HR gave me a huge scare by saying that due to my fluency in English, they would give me less dev work and more support/marketing.

Basically I will learn their IBM products, then go to other countries to market their product. Once the clients agree, I will sit with them and customize their product according to their needs. Now this sounds good, and it is, but I would have preferred doing this after 32 (after gaining hold of all that I have learned).

I will have a tough word with HR and tell them that I want a proper designation and and opportunity to dev more, market less. Lets hope for the best.


May be I am late in it but here is my opinion.

It completely depends on your personal routine and life. what you prefer more in your life, your work, your family, your relatives, your friends, your community.

besides this ofcourse Sleeping in night is perfect for our health. And undoubtedly there is not a single alternate to this.

but here is mine since 5 years

1.30 PM - 10.00. PM in office.

11.00 PM to 5.00 AM. I do what I feel good to do as we normally do in free hours. (usually 6.00 PM to 12.AM for a normal life :P)

5.00 AM - 1.00 PM is the span what I use normally to sleep, travel to to office. getting freshed, eating breakfast, etc.

This routine has just been a need for me now.

I can sleep in normal night hours as per my free time but still I do as above and also use to get some objections from my parents to fix my routine. but to me it is just fixed.

So this is all just what you want in your life more preferable. however you might get use to it which can again hardly or easily be reverted depending on your own. but the ones who will feel this change more, will be your parents or your relatives or the ones you spend time with in your new working hours.

You think about it whether the job worth giving these hours. if you feel it good then go for it. This must be an experience for you to give others whether it goes good or bad for you.

IF you are getting a handsome amount and getting a opportunity to learn some thing new then go for it.

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I’m up at this hour.

you cant beat me ;)

i worked for 6 months in a night shift job,


cut off from friends and family

no social life

sleeping in the day is wierd


usually night shift job pays a lot so if money is important to you do it...

Well after tough negotiations (which lasted 1min) I got the job.

When it comes to friends, I can still visit two of my friends for lunch, and I can still meet my father in his office right before work (both places are close). Whats gonna be a bummer is that I won't be making for any weddings (wait! is that bad) nor any dawats. Anyways talk toy with you guys later, and hope to beat all ya guys at the late sleeping game.

Congratulations deffury. Now, where is our party? :P


Congrats to you for your new job. yep! I hope I would join your party :P

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Whats gonna be a bummer is that I won't be making for any weddings (wait! is that bad) nor any dawats.

Well.. it's another fact. I actually don't like much(or at all) attending weddings(if you talked about that) or dawats specially with-in family. For me it's not bad, infact I do have a good excuse to tell that I got work in office and can not join them :P

however thanks to my job and thanks to Allah that I have a job, a kind of that I can easily take off for a day or two or some more days if I really want or need.

Congrats deffury on the new Job :)

Though I know I am late and you have already decided and I think a good decision, but would still add my 2 cents.

I am working from few years at US 9am to 6pm Job , i.e. now a days PKs 7PM to 4AM (extension to 5/6AM many times) from home as contractor, and below are my findings / feedback on this .

- Do not do it for very long time it do affect health and your social life, and when I say social life its not only friends, its your own family Mother, Father siblings, Wife and Childern ( not sure if your are married or not and already a father or not )

- One can go for such job for few years for benefits like, good experience and exposure (exposure to good tools/technologies and good profile on resume), good money (in some cases it could be your requirement and not need, but never do it if its like only money and no good work) or both in many cases.

But I do know many people like me working like this and even some exact cases like mine where wife has a day job and I have a night job, If my job was not 'from home' I would have switched it after marriage, though still its not easy, but doing it for now for good designation, good learning/exposure, the ability to go any where in world and still work for same company with just a need of my laptop and a broadband connection, good compensation (though it comes after other factors , but its important , it brings food on the table , or probably it can affect what I can do for e.g. my childern in future , ofcourse when I will have some :) )

Now as you are already into this, so you will need just one thing , good support from Family :) , best of Luck bro.