NFS: Hot Pursuit,NFS Returns to its former Glory!

Released today!

With the release of Need for speed: Hot pursuit , NFS series has struck back hard into the racing games. As NFS:MW was the most loved game in gamers, all that police chases they are back. And now we can also drive Police vehicle while participate in high-speed pursuit mode. There are two modes play either as Police cop or Racer, complete career in both modes. :) I love it! Smash racer's cars as cops! yummy!

No off-roads but a 160km(100miles) of open world track.

And there is also some facebook interaction feature, i couldn't understand what'll it do? :P

Hey where is the story? no plot? :(

And still no ferraris?


That trailer is #$%^%$# awesome!

5 things about NFs:HP

There is a limitied edition also

AWWWWWW! GOD! So many awards! thats making me crazy!

i forgot you can add costume sound tracks in the game! :D

Hot Pursuit was probably the only reason I started playing racing games, after Hot Pursuit2 I just couldnt play another racing game. Then came Criterion's Burnout series, which was probably one of the best racing games I ever played....

I just hope they get this game right, especially since it is based on two of my favorite games.

I've downloaded the game and i'll install it now, as i was waiting to completed COD:black ops, and have review of NFS hot pursuit. :)

" I think not most of the guys knew about this new release of NFS??? "

I posted a review on review thread:NFS:Hot pursuit review

Hot persuit is the new one or Mostwanted?

I didn't get your question?

It is released, new 2010!

Looks pretty slick. Gonna buy it in a couple of months

Why do you wanna buy it when you can download it?


Same question as Koder's. And will you be playing it on Xbox?

I wish this game had only one thing i.e. "car customization". :( I miss all those hoods,sideskirts, headlights, vinyls,rearlights,bumpers!

I guess Criterion doesnt have much experience in that department. Even so, the HotPursuit series a was always about cops and racers.

As for why buy when I could download...well, lets just say I am not the only user at home...

I will buy a whole bunch at the end of december

Love this game a good one i must say,nfs hot pursuit.:)