Nexus 6 still not available for pre-order in UK despise Google’s promise

LONDON: The Nexus 6 is still not available to pre-order in the UK, despite Google’s promise that it would go on sale in November, sparking speculation that Lollipop problems are holding up the handset.

The launch of the Nexus 6 hasn’t gone very smoothly for Google, and is reminiscent of the troubled Nexus 4 launch.

Google told UK buyers interested in the Android 5.0 smart phone that it would go on sale at the Google Play store in November, which was followed by reports that the handset would start shipping on 1 December.

However, 1 December has arrived, and the Google Play store is still showing the Nexus 6 as ‘coming soon’ or ‘out of inventory’. Google has yet to explain when it will go on sale or when it will start shipping.

Google was unable to tell when buyers will be able to pick up a Nexus 6, and instead said vaguely in a statement: “We’re currently working through the final elements on this release and should be able to update shortly.”

Other retailers offering the smart phone seem as baffled by the release date as us. Car phone Warehouse, which last week was promising a release on 1 December, has now pushed this back to 8 December.

SIM-free retailer Clove doesn’t expect the Nexus 6 to arrive so soon, and is advising customers that those who pre-ordered the handset can expect delivery on 22 December.