Next Gen Nintendo System

Well it has started he new specs are rolling out and we may see announcements from both Sony and MS on their new systems..

But I dont know:

-Can Nintendo pull it of this time as they don rally have anything new to offer as they did the last gen with the wii controller

-The AMD R700 chip is an old chip, why couldn't they go for the R900 instead

-Will Developers really support them this time?

I cannot believe they are sticking with Wii remote.

Is the Xbox Kinect camera sensing system patented? Why cant they come up with camera sensed motion control like Kinect at an affordable price. These would sell like hot cakes. Affordable is what Nintendo Wii's were known for.

It probably is patented but that never stops companies from stealing ideas. Even Microsoft stole the Xbox controller design from Sony and got sued for it, they settled out of court eventually. The reason why they're not going for Kinect may be because it's very complex and it's still in a way being tested. For the Xbox, Kinect/motion sensing is used as a secondary controller whereas it's the primary controller for Nintendo Wii.

Lets not forget that kinect is a ripoff of the PS eyetoy

Also the new controller will have a screen on it like the dreamcast had