Newly introduced 3D security, Debit card, Online transactions and Aliexpress

Just want to share something with you guys

I use HBL debit card and in good old days there was a peace of mind because we have to request an e commerce session before making a online transaction

But now they removed that option, all cards are now open for online transaction the so called 3D security is only good if you use your card on 3D security enabled site

But what if I want to use my card at non 3D secure site like Aliexpress?
What if my number is misused or leaked by chinese ? I learnt this after making a transaction at Aliexpress I received no confirmation sms from my bank because Aliexpress is not 3D secure

and now I am worried about my card security because there is no security at all my card number is now available to MoFo chinese the most unreliable people

I called my bank and requested them to block my card but they said this option is no more available … I mean wtf

Anyone else has any piece of advice on this? or should I just go and empty my account ASAP… I am really worried

I use UBL’s card and with them, you have to set up an internet session.
It charges me extra but I like the fact that my card is usable only with my permission.
Your concerns are legit. If I were you, I’d put 5/10 or 15k in the account(for online transactions) where you give out your number to aliexpress. Transfer the rest to a different account or different bank where you don’t use the card on websites.
Just in case, if it is misused; the balance you lose will be an amount not catastrophic and a fraction of the total balance. Of course, if you card is misused you can fill out a ‘dispute form’ and reclaim the stolen money.

The numbers I used in my example(your account balance) are suppositional and only meant to explain a make-shift solution.

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Get MCB Lite card. It is a Visa Gold prepaid debit card which works on internet sites like AliExpress as well as physical shops. Lite gives better Rs-$ exchange rate than UBL Wiz, requires activation only once and instantly notifies you of all transactions in your account.

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I also get notified by HBL, that is not the issue , The issue is to prevent fraudulent transaction before it happens

Thanks for the suggestion I was also thinking the same , For now the HBL operator advised me to block my debit card and thats what I did , I will open an another account soon since there is no other option but that is not a good solution :confused:

I used to have UBL account but they are expensive , HBL worked great so far only this stupid move by them has created all this anxiety

I have never been charged any money for their services like online-net-banking/using atm cash withdrawal/etc etc. They only charge me if I set up an internet session(116/- rs per session).
I set one up once a month or a couple of months(session duration: one day) if need arises. My account type is called ‘Mukammal account’ - I used to have a business partner plus with them, in the past but that has since been replaced by Mukammal.

I am not advocating the use of a UBL account. Just stating some facts related to my experience with them. Do your research.
I have heard good things about MCB Lite as well.

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Usually, free services are tied with your relationship balance (minimum balance maintained) in your account.

Yes, sir. That is correct(sort of).
They had me at a minimum balance of 25k for free services in the past(Business Partner Plus) but when it was converted to ‘Mukkamal’ they removed that restriction as well.
I had a friend in UBL and he set me up with an account. So my limited knowledge is courtesy of his indulging me with my queries.
Please do not quote me on any of this. Call their representatives for up to date facts/schemes etc.